Lately ive been reading all these reports on the Tees survey into why fish are being killed because they are trapped below the Tees Barrage.
Since 2002 i have been campaigning myself.
Ive just read that the a.c.a. got 1,000 votes for their free campaign.
That cant be good enough surely.
The Trout and Salmon have a picture and a story in the october issuewith the headlines At Last! Action.
I wrote to them five times starting in 2002 without a reply.
Maybe my letters got lost in the post.
The Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine supported my campaign 100%.
i only learnt to use a computor in 2008 and found the a.c.a campaign and me and my friend asked members of fishing forums to sign the petition.
I have read that Britishwaterways are asking for another year which will make it a 4 years study.
That is a disgrace .
I was stood down at the Tees Barrage on Monday 27 september and their was an angler fishing in the area below the fish passage which at the moment is a building site.
Two seals were hunting for fish .
While in the Boat Lock the seals are hunting for more migratory fish.
Ive watched this now for 8 years.
I cant understand why the angling clubs on the Tees arnt doing more to save these millions of fish.
When is more anglers going to demand some action.
Why pay for a migratory licence and then just see you fish slaughtered
daily because somebody decided to split the River Tees.
This Barrage is worse than any pollution.
Its stopped the flow of a once mighty Steel River that was one of the Best Salmon Rivers in England.