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    We really are in a bad place right now with growing world human populations and aquaculture being seen as a way to feed this growing population. We know the industry is now looking to a cheaper more sustainable way of supplying pellets rather than hoovering up other species to feed the young fish. Fishing fleets in every corner of the globe are fishing almost every species to the point of endangering them. Fishing fleets are now experts at what they do with tech equipment resulting in bigger catches and more success. I have little to no faith in the various world fishery certification schemes which state which fish species are healthy in whatever region.

    Keepers and salmon fishing estates and Ghillies can no longer peg back FEB's or in river seals without licenses which only allow for token gestures IMHO. There is public outrage aimed at any person or group who are seen to injure or kill animals, But the young Salmon are being killed in the millions in our rivers but not a peep is said or done. I really hope we turn a corner with returning numbers of fish but i honestly cannot see it with the state our oceans are in and how the hands are tied regarding in river predation. I would not recommend a hatchery or stocking program on my local rivers the Forth & Teith as all you would be doing is feeding and expanding the local resident cormorants/mergansers/seals so what would be the point in stocking ?

    You would think we could just get countries together to sort out the oceans but we cannot and we just seem to get more bad news in almost every paper each week.

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    I wish the Scottish Government would take note . Very informative film but very sad that we don't take heed of what's happening in our world.

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    The basis of US anglers opposition to hatcheries is based on the idea that the hatchery fish weaken the gene pool which is irreversible.

    Keeping rivers fish pristine is a big deal over there, hatchery fish are seen as less desirable and poor fighters.

    They are not as far along as us, where its a choice here of hatchery or no fish at all.

    Theres been a big palaver over there about not stocking, but banning all fishing, including tribal rights which are sovereign and not subject to State Law in the Western states.

    Given the opportunity, the tribes would prefer to stock hatchery fish and take them all to sell, rather than take a lower number of wild fish.

    Of course, the US in its wisdom gave the tidal reaches of nearly all their major Salmon and Steelhead to the tribes, meaning they have defacto control of the spawning runs.

    Hence the tribes have a lot of power and indeed already run hatcheries for some species on some river systems.

    On those river systems, wild fish have dramatically declined but are still netted by the tribes.

    Rightly or wrongly, This is where the US perspective comes from.

    Its pretty alien to us though.

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