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Thread: Silver Satan

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    Thanks for the comments lads.
    Marc I enjoy tying these patterns from over the pond as you use a lot of different materials to us so it gives me a chance to use my Grizzle, Cree capes etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by meyre View Post

    Really quite nice...devilishly tricky I am sure ...and, yes highly commended …. but there is just a hint of red thread untrimmed at the , well, ah, disappointing….
    ****** I knew someone would notice.
    That's the trouble with macro photos there is no hiding place it shows everything warts and all.
    I only noticed that strand when I was posting the photo and did not have time to set up the gear again
    Regards Gary
    Fishing for 60 years and am still trying to understand why I do it, but I love misunderstandings

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    Default should see what the fish do when they my tangled efforts stumble past them !!

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