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    Default Pocket Flashlight

    does anyone have a recommondation for a good pocket flashlight. Should be a small but powerfull one. What are you using?
    TL Matt

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    Surefire P2X Fury for me.

    There are LOADS to choose from these days and the tech is crazy good. Battery and LED technology has transformed handhelds.
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    I just use a chineese one from ebay that takes 18650 batteries, i do buy sony or samsung batteries for it though as the cheap ones are a bit risky. I use it daily at work and it just refuses to die. I had intentions of upgrading but as of yet ive not found a need.

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    I bought an Olight M2T Warrior recently and I canít fault it, with 1200 lumens itís like having your own personal sun.

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    Hello, thank you for your input. Both the Olight and the Surfire are still a bit too heavy for my usage but make a good impression...

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    Have found a suitable Olight model..
    S2R Baton II.. Thank for the ideas...
    TL Matt

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