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    Been a while since ive fished there....10 permit from the solicitors was it , and thats just a few years a ago.....last time i had a fish at the pool below the bridge on the Dufftown road. There are some good pools upstream of there, and quite a few below but be prepared to walk for success. There`s a lot of water to go at.

    Forum member Pippin could tell you a bit about the water as i believe he used to do very well on this beat back in the 60`s ......, but he`s a very shy lad and doesnt post much....which is a real shame

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    Quote Originally Posted by noddy6560 View Post
    Hi guys, been sitting in the background reading lots of posts and saving plenty of salmon patterns ready to tie during the close season.
    now retired due to a back injury i have moved to Keith and joined the Huntly angling association. a vast amount of water on the Deveron, Isla and Bogie.
    a spate river which has suffered this year with not to much rain along with lack of knowledge of the water, in fact so much so i have been drawn into only fishing one pool and that is the sleepies near the top of the beat.
    really not long into salmon fishing and just picking up bits and pieces as to angle to cast, depth and size of fly along with lines and leaders.
    would love to master this fly fishing for salmon thing. can anyone shed any light on knowledge of the above beats and rivers. best places and pools to try on the Deveron, isla and bogie. theres an awefull lot of water there and an awefull lot of water i`m wasting. i`ll put this year down to just a learning curve but i want to launch myself full steam ahead next season.
    thouroughly fantastic site this guys. plenty reading, plenty info, and some beautiful pictures of the fkies
    regards and all the very best for the rest of the season to everyone
    Noddy (hate norman)
    Hi Noddy, welcome aboard, Ive never fished the Devron but there will be plenty on here who have and do.
    Tight lines and all that good stuff.
    "Great spirits have always encountered violent or reoccurring opposition from mediocre minds, if A is a success in life, then A equals X plus Y plus Z. Work is X; Y is play, and Z is keeping your mouth shut.


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