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    Sage TCX 1510 15ft salmon rod in good nick

    Anyone have one for sale?
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    Extra strong Skagit?

    I go with a group of friends to fish for King salmon in British Columbia. For those who haven't tried it, these fish are very big and incredibly strong. Our guides recommended 40lb+ leader, 20 feet of T20 sink tip, airflo 720g skagit, Froghair 88lb running line, and behind that I put 300 metres...
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    1 (possibly 3) rods wanted to join party fishing Yokanga

    3 of us are fishing Yokanga, week beginning Saturday 4th August. We have all fished in Russia before, but one of our regulars has had to drop out so I am looking for a replacement. I have negotiated a group discount, so the price is £2500 ex Murmansk for the week. Please pm me for more details...
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    Finally! Affordable Kola fishing ...and no helicopters

    Anyone interested in a week's fishing in prime season for under £1500 per week? This includes Transfer from Murmansk airport, accommodation and meals (lunch picnic by the river), fishing licences and guide (one per 2 anglers) Fishing is on the rivers Kola, Kitsa and/or Ura. These are all big...
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    Gigafish Ultra now in the UK

    Gigafish Ultra is now available in the UK via Ebay.
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    Danielsson Control reel

    Looking for a Danielsson 8thirteen or 11infinity control reel. Anyone out there wanting to sell?
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    Clan rod for sale

    I have inherited a Clan "Ghillies choice" 15' 10-11 salmon rod. It comes with rod bag and is in good used condition. Open to sensible offers
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    B & W Norway 15' 10/11 nearly new

    Am selling a nearly new B & W rod, I've used it 3 days only, had it as a spare rod. It's on ebay with pics and more detail, unreserved auction or buy it now at £300