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    8' Original Daiwa Whisker

    some are going for upwards of £450 🤪
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    River Forth

    seal hunting right now at the peirs and mouth of the allan , when I see them and the febs it just puts me off fishing 😡😡
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    sunburst and red pbp

    going to be doing a fair which of smaller stuff these wee #12 pot belly fellows should do the job
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    American Opposum steelhead flies

    stunning 👍
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    American Opposum steelhead flies

    iain I have some , the stuff I have is similar to rabbit but with guard hairs and slightly stiffer , it also has a translucency and natural curl to it , I have a black patch that's superb for cascade wings
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    Fireball shrimp

    done these this morning , going to christen them fireball shrimps a bit of cascade and park theme will update on their progress tied on salar #11 & 13
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    I absolutely love this simple wee pattern , tied on #12 & 14 patriots great for low water and sea trout
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    Goo sander or merganser ?

    been about a while
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    Goo sander or merganser ?

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    About Scandi and Skagit lines

    anything bigger than a 2" copper tube you would be as well spinning !!!
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    both messages now gone from my inbox so I'm assuming the members got the chop by admin 👍
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    no malc not yet
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    yeah one saying he had 10 pieces of whiting 4b $20 each the other saying ribert from Birmingham had one I should check out and a dodgy email to go with it pathetic parasites
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    anyone else getting suspect pm messages in reply to items they have for sale , I got 2 today and to me they reek of dodgyness both new members today , both messages were sent within minutes of joining one was in the US one here , both reported, if you are genuine sorry but your messages are...
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    The best flat mylar?

    hi Woodsy as snap t says semperfli as it's soft or look to China, plenty cheapness Ali ex In my opinion the 2 tone is crap too stiff not good to work with if I can find a link to China I'll post it