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    Hair/fur ID

    put up individually the ones you want an id on im sure you will get a response here. that looks great was it just one pack
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    Double hooks

    patriots go down to a 14 , and are strong without being unbalanced next to that are magni which are thinner wire but still good quality , they look like the very good mustad dl7s which are scarse now another to try might be the osprey hooks , decent as well
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    Greig Thomson

    I was gutted last year to walk to my favourite pool on my favourite little beat to find the grotesque prick bobbling down it like humpty dumpy, had to do a double take actually gutted is an understatement and he was spinning the best bit of fly water there 😡😡😡😪
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    Covid Vaccine... Well would you ??

    can anyone explain to me how can a vaccine can be made if the virus been never been isolated and identified???
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    land wanted 😉

    This might seem an odd proposition but who knows , As another hobby me and my lad go metal detecting usually on Sundays or holidays if its dry just wondering if anyone owns or has access to any land we could try out , in return id sort you out with some salmon flies as a thank you we are in...
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    Vaccine is here but why us?

    I don't trust anything this govt does one bit , mabe the rest want to see if we grow three heads b4 commiting, our covid figures are pulled out a hat anyway
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    whats in the dye pot today

    I'm using it for the wing on Kylie's I got the fox from Czech Republic it was a vintage clothes item so took a chance turned out to be four nearly white tails made into a scarf type thing , its really good quality and stiffer than most fox ive used which I like as it doesn't wrap so easily it...
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    thanks 😊 they are #10 partridge trebles , I don't know the model no I got lucky on ebay with them 100 for £15 possibly a discounted one ?
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    First in a while.

    lovely wee thing , like the cone what make is it ?
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    Best tasting fish

    I just had my tea , not fish but delish 👌 anyway was thinking I used to do on fried scallops with Stornoway black pudding with a wee bit white wine , streaky bacon and cream sauce , a great starter
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    whats in the dye pot today

    I haven't ventured there yet , good luck. I think one of the most important parts is getting any material squeeky clean b4 dying any natural oils will effect how the dye penetates the fibres
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    whats in the dye pot today

    fox , runner and a wee bit squirrel really happy with colour , ive been using celtic blob dyes and they are great 👌 this was around 3:1 hot orange to scarlet to achieve a fire orange set with citric acid crystals and washed well first with degreaser
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    Best tasting fish

    we call the pike perch a zander , a fish id love to catch but I'm sure there are none in Scotland And yes the saint pierre or saint Peters fish is the john dory said to be called that due to the thumb print like mark on its side was from Saint Peter a similar story surrounds the good old...
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    Best tasting fish

    unfortunately 99.9% of that salmon you ate would be farmed , and most people just eat it and say yeah its great , do a bit of research into farmed fish and I doubt you would eat it again!! its not a patch on wild salmon, but that's getting almost untouchable I prefer sweet hill loch trout or...
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    a firm favourite of mine is the flamethrower but I've never liked them on trebles as I never think they sit right so set out tonight to try and get them to look more like they do on a double , its defo all about proportions and positioning and I'm at last happy with these