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    Fly fishing on the irwell £300 a day

    Are they taking the piss Fly fishing on the River Irwell? The Lowry Hotel adds popular sport to the menu to compete with Scotland - Manchester Evening News
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    Paris fashion week naked men

    We have the sun in the morning to keep us going;) But you girls can get your man a full wardrobe to wear all day not fair:mad:
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    Hike up snowdon 17/7/14

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    Rally cancelled after 'serious crash

    See there been a bad crash used to go to the rac/Lombard years ago and we all stood back out of the way now you see them in the middle of the road taking pics and they move back just as the last minute leaving the drivers no room
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    Eden 2014

    Looking good got to be a few fish nocking about:cool:
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    Northern lights over Manchester

    Bin sitting in the garden for over a hour for nothing :p:mad:
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    Potarch hotel redeveloped

    See there spending 7m turning it in to a 40 bed hotel
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    Trafford angling shut up

    Seams Trafford angling has closed this week Been going there for 30 years it's a same
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    river Mersey sea trout

    just got sale altrincham advertiser says first sea trout for 100 years taken from river Mersey at 7lb. They been getting them for the last few years out of the Mersey some video of them jumping the weir in warrington on you tube few more years be like the tweed;)
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    owl on phone

    While tackling up next to the car could see this working the Field then right over me at just 6ft though they had good eye sight all taken on the iphone
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    EA crap again no rod license

    Just got a email from them Dear Angler, We are aware you recently bought your Rod Fishing Licence for the 2013/14 season. Please be advised we are experiencing delays with issuing licences to customers. We are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue. Your licence will be...
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    deer antles for sale

    Dickins Auctioneers
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    tackle auction

    Fishing Tackle Auction Details | Vintage Fishing Tackle | Mullock's Auctions
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    motorcycle tied to fly reel

    they had a play with lots of top of the range reels tied to the back of a bike some judger and snap the tippet and some melt Motorcycle Fly Reel Test: How the Test Works - YouTube
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    looking for manufacture of neoprene zipped felt boot

    As title snowbee have stopped making them many thanks Gary