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    Wye 2020

    Very sadly, it is true Geoff. I for one will miss my friend enormously, but not as much as the Welsh salmon will. RIP Stephen.
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    Guess The Weight

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    I'm looking into it at the moment...provided we can get there, Iceland has got a good handle on the situation. Coming home, who knows? If any country deserves "air bridge" status, Iceland do. However, quarantine this end still looks likely, but what rules are in place in 8 weeks time?
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    Guess The Weight

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    Guess The Weight

    49 1/4
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    Guess The Weight would have played the 50 card by now, surely!!
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    One Rod Test

    Take her shark fishing. For 2020, won't matter which one I keep, but as I have 4 x LTS Explosive 13'6 6pc, I would probably keep the Golden One.
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    Guess The Weight

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    Guess The Weight

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    Tie of the Month: April 2020 We're in Lockdown - Improvise!

    Hi Iain, I log in most days, and have been waiting for the poll...just haven't seen it...and this was on the old format too. Today I went to TOTM page and dug it out to vote. Love McAndy's wonderful to win some sort of special award for that...but voted for Zamora's silver caper.
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    Guess The Weight

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    Biggest Atlantic salmon you have seen

    On this day netting for the Aaroy hatchery in 2014, we took 4 fish over 21kgs, including this one at 23.45kg, (51 1/2lbs and only 123cms). Sounds quite an impressive start....... Whilst drawing the net in on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th hauls, a huge fish smashed his way out of the net. He was so...
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    Your Most memorable fish of the 2019 season

    2nd cast, zzz zzz zzz, lift, bang....rod snapped cleanly 6 inches above the butt. Run after the broken 11 feet so I don't lose it when the leader breaks...10 minutes later, 98cms of sea liced silver beached. I think it's called "playing off the reel!"
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    Redd Villaksen Auction 2019

    On Thursday 7th November, the Norwegian NASF holds its annual charity auction fund raiser. There are some lots to suit most pockets, and in my experience, some of the cheaper lots can be excellent. There is also some "dead mens shoes" access. The full list in Norwegian...use google translate...
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    50lber off Aaroy in Norway

    Hooked in the same spot, lost after 35 mins...and it's Norwegian f'n Gold to you.