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    Stopping Cats pooping in your garden ?

    Brocken glass in the borders worked for me seems the cats don’t like the way light reflects through the shards it’s a deterent not an intentional harm the question was how to stop not harm and this did exactly that I put them in my front garden had a visit from he local authority who tried to...
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    When can we go fishing?

    Thanks Tom will speak to the gaffer to decide 👌👍😂
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    When can we go fishing?

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    When can we go fishing?

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    Able raw dog food - a recommendation

    Bella and Duke home delivery plenty of variety spot on👍
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    Thanks to all for your help and advice will go down all the avenues and sure will get what I’m after 👍
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    Hopefully someone can help me out bit left field but time of the year looking to invest in a good set of binoculars mainly for field walking bird watching £300 range
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    Joshua v Fury

    I would go for Joshua he has the amateur background to deal with fury’s spoiling tactics also Fury is no knockout merchant wilder in my opinion I’ll prepared for most of his fights relying on his punching ability in this division that is commendable think Saturday was Joshua’s best performance...
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    Cottage with salmon fishing

    Check out Creebankand Woodbank both right on the Cree in Newton Stewart although they don’t come with fishing rights Newton Stewart anglers do tickets and just had a fantastic salmon season and as a member is a seriously under fished sea trout river
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    Getting sick and getting better has and will suit me fine also buddy don’t be surprised if the vaccine gets a fail in jan/feb just to keep you all on your toes ?
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    Any roofers on?

    You will need to replace the lead with at least a 150 mil upstand although your saying it’s 30 degrees pitch it certainly doesn’t look it that pitch would be enough the breathable felt should be sufficient even on a low pitch to keep it dry as it’s a new roof looking at were the water is pooling...
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    Simms boots issue

    Waders well gave an 18month old pair of leakingof G4 to John Norris who sent them to Simms they informed me out of warranty but for£120 would repair said pinholes and seam leak agreed no probs got them back and leaked as before when I contacted Simms informed me wait for it a leaking foot and...
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    Simms boots issue

    Hope you have luck with Simms my personal experience was not a good one I also had a sole come completely detatched from one of my boots upon contact with the European rep was told they were not covered for replacement as I must be drying them incorrectly not drying the right boot incorrectly...
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    Welsh Dee 2020

    Good to get a bit of news on the Dee hope to get out before the weekend myself ?
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    Lune 2020

    What beat is your pal fishing is it below or above Kirkby Lonsdale