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    Ribble 2021

    Fished hard for 8 hrs yesterday. Only saw 2 small fish head and tail on what was great running water and not a sniff at the business end. Even the trout had their heads down but at least the river is looking better.
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    Who is fishing the #fishdee24 next week?

    Looks like you have been lumbered with me as a teammate.
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    Who is fishing the #fishdee24 next week?

    I'll see you there as that's my final beat for the event. Not fished there before and always look forward to seeing a new piece of water for the first time plus I'll get to put a face to another forum member.
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    Who is fishing the #fishdee24 next week?

    I'll be there. Will have quadrupled my fishing time this year by the end of it. Never been so busy and had so little free time.
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    Tea or Coffee ?

    Don't drink either, both are overrated rancid foul tasting concoctions. Pint of Vimto first thing in a morning and water or Lucozade when fishing whether is boiling hot or bloody freezing.
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    Fish Dee 24 hour fishing event

    On the 25th and 26th June there is to be a 24 hour fishing event spread over 7 beats for upto 30 anglers to raise funds for the Dee River Trust. It's going to be a long day and night but one that I think sacrificing a few hours sleep and a tank and a half of diesel is worth. See below for...
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    Aberdeenshire Dee 2021

    On June 25th and 26th there is a 24 hour fishing event over 7 beats to raise money for the River Dee Trust. The Dee has been a good river to me over the years providing me with my first Scottish salmon, my first ever Springer and an opening day double before 11.30am just narrowly missing out...
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    Sinking lines

    6" per second sink rate is very fast and unless you're fishing very deep or very fast flowing rivers I doubt you'll need that. Never used a wet cell 2 as they were before my time but talking to people who have used them they are the equivalent of a fast intermediate in todays lines, so sink 1 or 2.
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    Ribble 2021

    2nd May is my earliest off the Ribble. I had hold of 2 that day both about 15lb and bars of silver. The first one slipped the hook right at my feet as I was about to land it. After years of trying to get a Ribble springer I was left feeling gutted. I sat with my head in my hands for what felt...
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    Ribble 2021

    Yes the tracking did throw up some surprises and blew most theories clean out the water. I remember walking a section of river with the tracking gear and came to a pool where I met a familiar face on the other bank. He asked me if there were any fish about as I sneakily turned down the volume on...
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    Ribble 2021

    Fred I had similar thoughts about that fish. From every angle it looks wrong. It looks a bit thin (not typical kelt thin) yet appears in reasonable condition. The jaw looks wrong too, like you say the top half looks like a hen and the lower half a cock fish. Farmed fish usually have small and...
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    Where do we go from here?

    Unfortunately salmon are not alone in dropping numbers. There just seems to be less wildlife everywhere and the only species that seem to be doing well are the bloody pests like crows, grey squirrels, rats and humans. Salmon have it doubly hard as they spend their life in 2 different...
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    Replacement Rio versitip

    Any stockist of Rio products should either have them in stock or be able to order you in the tip / tips you need. I don't think the 15' tips have changed much if at all since the wind cutter came out about 20 years ago and are interchangeable so if you have any old ones lying about give it try.
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    Fish nipping at flies.

    I used to fish off the reel all the time but the last 3 years I've kept the line clamped against the cork and think my hooking and landing ratio has gone up because of it. I've had fish nip at flies in the past, usually in warm low water but sometimes just using a smaller fly or fishing the same...
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    Repairing integrated running line

    If the head is still ok? just cut the running line off and use a dedicated running line that you can attach any shooting head to with a loop to loop. Running lines can be as cheap or expensive as you want. a 100m spool of Amnesia will cost about £8 and will make 3 or 4 running lines. Rio...