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    OPST Commando

    The above is very interesting so I sent the above direct to OPST and this is the answer I had Hello William, Good morning and thank you for your interest in our products. That’s interesting to hear Jerry commenting on this, we haven’t dialed that in 100%. He have had reports of folks turning...
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    OPST commando

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    OPST commando

    Cheers mate, many thanks
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    OPST commando

    If if it is available, let me know, PayPal as gift?
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    part used jc

    If these are still available, I will have them, let me know, thanks, William
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    OPST Commando Groove Int 450gr/29.2gm “SOLD”

    Let me know, can use PayPal, if it has not been taken
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    Trout and Salmon Magazine Jan. 2000

    Any one with a good example - should be a brass faces Hardy perfect on cover, pay well over the odds for this! Let me know.
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    The River Moy

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    The River Moy

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    James Reid salmon cane rod sliced 12 1/2' 2 tips 12703 7/8wt, sliced.

    James Reid salmon cane rod sliced 12 1/2' 2 tips 12703 7/8wt, spliced. A rare opportunity to buy one of these fabled rods - you would normally wait at least 6 months. It is what he calls a 'summer run'. There are walnut spacers and the agate is a beautiful green. It is a three piece with a...
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    Chevron hackles and capes

    Saw an advert for this a couple of weeks ago. If you want to see the whole range and get advice, the Chevron lady is in Foxons this Friday all day, just a thought in case anyone is interested in high quality hackles for salmon tying. I am going to have a look!
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    Meiser Spey Rod 13'6 - 4 pc

    I must be mad selling this - 8 wt 500-750 grains SZH 13685-4 Custom handle - stunning - almost like new! The ultimate Spey rod on the West Coast, made to order, their own blanks, Bob Meiser would always see you right if you broke the tip! Burchi's are the mass produced version, this is the...
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    Sage TCX 14' #9 wt 9140-4

    Used, a few very minor scuff marks - in very good condition. £310 to include postage, insured next day. PayPal as gift. A bargain! UK origin not brought in from Canada or America. Sold!
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    Saracione 4" left hand wind. Mark 1V. Silver/Black Save over £200!

    Isn't this the reel you have dreamed of, at least it is the poor man's Bogdan! A rare opportunity to buy this model at a considerably reduced price compared to what you would have to pay in this country. Unlined, unused, box, all paper work, warrantee. Price in this country well over £800, eBay...
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    Abel No. 2 Pliers

    Used but in excellent condition, a few minor scratches. In a leather holster. Cost £130 new, £40 + postage. Lifetime guarantee no matter whether first, second or tenth owner! Paypal as gift.