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    The best rod range ever made.....

    And I really tried hard, to renew my arsenal...
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    The best rod range ever made.....

    As a rod range Sage XP in SH, Guideline LPXe for both SH and DH and over all the LeCie series. Very few exceptions for me.
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    Old leader when you're fishing

    Same for me. I have it in use for many years and wouldn’t want to miss it. Easy handling, if one doesn’t forget to empty it regularly at home.
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    What to wear under waders

    In choosing material for fishing underwear: as said by MCXFisher. No further explanation necessary. Material/Form follows Function ! I know many conservative hunters, not following this rule, most of them far away from any kind of sports; also most „sitting fishermen“, but only a few wading fly...
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    Simms wading boots. To treat or not?

    Simms G3, leather version, still my favorite wading boot for the roughest conditions. I always treat them with gun oil after each season. To be exact: Ballistol, made of plants. They don’t dry out while in season use... But I could sympathize also with wax (Meindl is not far away...?) and...
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    New Switch Reel

    Didn’t see it Rennie, but the Danielsson Original 2W would have been a perfect fit in rod-reel balance too, if you are talking about your Airtec #7, although a little more expensive. What I love with the Original series is its resistance forwards, pretending the spool to turn in line when...
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    Sage graphite IV 15'

    The problem with recommendations for older rods in general is, they were developed when the new modern lines (you want a shooting head recommendation) were not on the market. Also those rods (Sage Graphite IV) were not developed for specialized use like Underhand casting, if this is what you...
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    One Rod Test

    Not that it’s not easy only bankwheel, it’s really painful to think about it - like watching a medical surgery on a men’s genitalia. That’s why I didn’t respond until now and pushed the button... But now, I took some Ibuprofen to answer: As hypothetical as the question is, I would hypothetically...
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    SVT weights

    HDShark, take one more look into the specifications. You misunderstood the Rio descriptions I guess. No wonder by the way, because the site and the descriptions are miserable - but the SVT/SSVT is awesome. The SVT and the SSVT use the same Belly, just different tips to be paired with: tips of...
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    the germans are coming [emoji6]

    Very nice snaeldas, wormo ! I don’t have the same skill for tying those snaeldas as nice as you did. But this color combination is in general my „don’t know what to take else at the moment“ choice, without being nationalist in any way:cool:... Those colors work for every kind of fly and every...
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    Line loops getting stuck in guides while playing fish

    Hello Isisalar, I saw you didn’t get an answer to your question until now. So I try to do. I would say, your solution is definitely a clever idea to solve a given unsatisfying situation while fishing. It’s a quick solution to continue fishing. So to say you built up a small step on the...
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    Size 14 doubles

    Also Kamasan B270
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    Line loops getting stuck in guides while playing fish

    Ha - It worked with the pictures ! Even for me now. I didn’t succeed with the old format, at least I couldn’t. For the first picture: Different exchangeable tips custom made. Upper loop - connection to the Belly, lower loop - tip to leader. Second picture: Different heads with rear end loops...
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    Line loops getting stuck in guides while playing fish

    Okay, here I try to post some pictures of my loops.
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    Line loops getting stuck in guides while playing fish

    Not at all ! What you say is the case with the naked core (and a little less with braided loops, as described). The Aquaseal/Aquasure in the core and between the fibers stiffens the loop to have full power transition - just without adding anything to the diameter of the core. Just because you...