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    Compulsary vaccinations.......

    I have no comment to make regarding figures as they are all manipulated according to what your particular view is. My reservations about governments is why they actively suppress recognised and well respected research by eminent scientists that does not suit their agenda (whatever that turns out...
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    Tales of the unexpected

    I was fishing for trout on Lake of Menteith on a very hot and humid day when the air suddenly became very still and there was a weird electrical feeling. all of a sudden the flies my boat partners and I were fishing would not go into the water. Static electricity kept the whole cast about 1'...
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    Autumn prospects

    I fished the Dee last week. We had most pools stuffed with fish. You would regularly see 30 or 40 fish showing as you fished a pool. We tried floating lines, sink tip and even full sinkers with big flies, little flies, basically we threw everything but the kitchen sink at them and ended up with...
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    Proposed River Grading for Scotland 2022
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    Don't Wind!

    One of the important lessons I learned early in my fishing career was when big game fishing how important it was to get control of the fish as quickly as possible. To keep the line tight at all times (with a few exceptions) and to regain line at every opportunity ready for the next big run. I...
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    Rivers Taw and Mole 2021

    Are there any fisheries with outlets to the Taw that stock with Brook Trout?
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    North Esk 2021
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    Although it does look a bit like a goosander! ;)
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    Lune 2021

    I think some River Boards are being licensed to cull FEBs on a scientific basis i.e. Smolt counts are carried out at various points on the system where controls are exercised year on year and numbers compared with non controlled areas but it is being kept very quiet for obvious reasons...
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    Unwelcome Visitor

    I suppose if you are not into shooting then I can see how some would baulk at it but I have been shooting since I was about 12 with shotguns and rifles so have dispatched more than a few foxes over these years. I have seen the devastation a fox can do in a hen run and pheasant pen. I would...
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    Unwelcome Visitor

    Hi Bob, I thought about snares. Have you ever tried to release a very angry cat from a snare as we have those around the garden as well. I also have my own dog and sometimes our daughters dog to think about. I have also considered a live trap but feel that shooting it would only affect the fox...
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    Who is fishing the #fishdee24 next week?

    Upper Dee is in with a shout as the higher beats are picking away. There are not a lot of fish about but we had 5 last week all brand spanking new. There are so few residents lower down the new ones are just bombing straight up river. We were seeing fresh fish running every day. You just had to...
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    Euros 2021

    From what I have read about this virus. Technically it is possible to catch it from someone who is asymptomatic but practically, unless you are actually exchanging bodily fluids (euphemism) or performing mouth to mouth resuscitation it is almost impossible to infect another person. I do not know...
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    Unwelcome Visitor

    You're probably right so I have deleted it.
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    Unwelcome Visitor

    Ready and waiting. :devilish: