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    How do you treat your tackle on the bank?

    Great while you can, as Father Time creeps up you may have to change your mind, I have after a couple of unwanted swims😪
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    Should have left the tw#t to starve on the island says the voice of tolerance
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    Eden 2021

    That looks a proper springer, great fish👌👌
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    Millcraig Gold

    They do work I’ve caught and the Usk And lower Beauly using my tying. It’s hard to get the browny gold colour of the upper wing, I’ve used a mixture of the gold brown from a yellow buck tail mixed with some dark banana arctic runner. Don’t think the salmon know the “correct“ tying.
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    Fishing in Wales

    I think so and I can escape to fish the Wye at Ross 😁
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    Thunder Shrimp Variant

    Thanks for the info👍👍
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    Thunder Shrimp Variant

    Might be tying a few imperfect copies, is the rear body gold oval tinsel, that’s what it looks like? Tnx
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    Thunder Shrimp Variant

    That’s got everything that I like in a salmon fly, great tying 👍👍
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    best 9/10 size reel in your opinions under £400

    There’s a few about on eBay at a good price, good reel for that money
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    A spin on 'car for fishing'

    R Class Mercedes I drive a R500 long wheel base running on LPG. Equivalent of 40 mpg, 4 wd , airmatic suspension, ridiculous amount of room.
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    Polarised glasses

    Another vote for Costa‘s particularly the Sunrise 580G. I have some Maui Jim copper which are good and light. Serengeti are also very good for driving.
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    Usk 2021

    Above you, just below Chainbridge. not the best holding water but there’s always a chance. Never catch anything at home.
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    Usk 2021

    Spencer, I was out today but did see a trout rising, small hatch of March browns, no salmon seen or touched. Nice to out. As you said very clear.
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    Game bags

    I concur, thats the stuff👍
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    Why do some people call a fly a flee?

    Seatrout is a Sewin