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    Scottish politics

    Tricky one that, though I applaud the sentiment. Politicians have to become salesmen (and women) to survive. They sell us punters their own (party's) version of current events. Sadly this is now so entrenched that nothing, absolutely nothing, the other side say can ever be right. It seems...
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    Lines in the sand.

    Spaniel people are just nicer than Labrador people. Don’t argue- it’s a fact not an opinion.
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    About Scandi and Skagit lines

    I’ve been to Idaho in mid winter. I see your point.
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    Lines in the sand.

    Cars: Mercedes must never be red. No, never! No matter what model or year they can’t be red, so stoppit! Anchovies: Inedible. Only eaten by cats trying to remove the taste of its own bottom from its tongue or by people who could lick a cat’s bottom.
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    Dee opening day.

    Many of us are Scottish. Our legs are blue to start with.
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    Dee opening day.

    God! You're right. My feet froze just looking at it.
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    Doggy Photo's

    Timmins, the poor wee guy does look sorry for him/herself. Being a springer they'll probably be up and raring to go again in the morning. Hardy souls that they are. I've seen me find gashes that needed stitches only in the evening after a day out, the dog having shown no sign of any injury...
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    Ebay Madness?

    Are you watching me, Andrew?
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    Insurance claim 🤔

    Wasn't it cutting the grass?
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    starting out

    Pnut, Since no-one more experienced has jumped in, I'll kick off. It'll rather depend where you are going to fish. A lot of people are moving away from 15' rods to something shorter. 15' rods are long & require more space to cast, so if you're on a smaller river or somewhere with little...
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    Patagonia (the company) supports anti's!

    Patagonia is a company with a strong ethos, I agree. They make some good, if expensive,products. Not for nothing were they called Patagucci in Chamonix for many years. Through skiing, climbing & now fishing, I've used their probucts for more years than I can remember, however they currently...
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    Mini-Scandi tubes

    Hmm! I'm usually more concerned with the buggers hooking up and retaining trees, bushes or any other convenient but unreachable crevice. Fish, not so much.
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    Mini-Scandi tubes

    Novice question... What's the significance / advantage of a free swinging hook?
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    Patagonia (the company) supports anti's!

    Nice one Saffy. You're trying to turn this one round on me. I'm saying that MM are not an unbiased or prejudiced group. You said that they were made that way by current practices. I replied by saying that you sounded like the Trump diehards. I'm not trying to defend Trump or criminal...