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    A Year In The Life Of The River Tay

    This should be a good programe to watch tonight SATURDAY 1915pm to 2045pm on BBC2 if anyone missed it the last time it was shown
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    Old Man's River

    Going back a good few years, in the 60;s, I was told that the River Derwent in Cumbria was an OLD MAN'S RIVER. I asked this fisherman exactly what he meant and he told me that it was a river that done a lot for you. Make a baddish cast and it would sort it out for you, well defined pools, easy...
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    Using BIG GP Feathers

    I don't know if anyone else does this but on GP skins they are quite a number of very long breast feathers. They can make a fly look out of balance if you tie them on small hooks. . On the double hook picture the hackle is the longest I could find on the skins I have. It's tied on a Nordic size...
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    Got the saddles from Lathkill
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    Thanks GK I always tie my shrimp flies with that low set profile. When you tie them like that you haven;t to dress them too heavy or else they look like a blob of fluff in the water....they are very effective
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    Here's a cock saddle hackle to show you how webby they can look..........and these dyed saddles only cost me £4 each
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    Hi Nathan I have tied these shrimps with Indian dyed cock SADDLE hackles........the stalks on them are a bit thinner than off the capes. If you double the hackle at the wide end of the hackle where the softish hackle is you can tie in the hackle and it looks a bit like hen. Im wondering if that...
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    It's been quite a while now since I tied any shrimp[ flies so started tying these on Partridge Nordic size 10 doubles. I usually like JC in them but have none right now. Whether it matters in small shrimp flies I don't know.
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    Arctic Runner

    Has anyone got any Arctic Runner they would like to sell me Please PM if you have many thanks
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    Golden Pheasant Skin

    As anyone got a Golden Pheasant skin in NATURAL they could sell me many thanks Please PM if you have
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    Tube extension tubing - soft/stretchy

    This was recommended to me, I haven;t bought any yet but certianly cheaper than Veniards Its the 2mm ID and 3mm OD to look for so I was told.
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    Tie of the Month - September 2020: Going round in circles

    Toss up between 2 of them for me, Perry Poker for me with McAndy's fly coming a whisper off getting my vote
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    Veniards Plastic Tubing

    Thanks Gary
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    Veniards Plastic Tubing

    Thanks but I was wanting to know the diameter of the plastic tubes bought in packets of 10 from 1/2" to 2" lengths
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    Burring Plastic Tubes

    At the present time I am making some tubes up. I am using Eumer tubing, the 2.5mm medium outer tubing with the XS tubing being used for the inner liner. The XS tubing has a really fine bore and needs to be burred before I insert it into the outer tubing. I am using a lighter but the flame on the...