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    Beach shelter

    Thank you Rutlander,,never really get over that way,used to have a bit of ground,for deer stalking,northampton way,,lost it due to some one paying silly,money behind my back,,, regards Tony.
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    Beach shelter

    Cheers Pete,,managed to miss a thompson one on flea bay,,was took down straight away,,I figure some one paid cash,off line.
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    Beach shelter

    Thanks Guys ...seen those blow away at Chesil beach last year,Joe. Thanks Pete as you say a bit pricey,,,although the Imax storm safe looks good,but all out of stock,,,still looking at the Mo,
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    Beach shelter

    Well its more like a light weight carp bivy,,but lots of beach anglers use thm,,
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    Beach shelter

    Looking to get a beach shelter,,,every dealer seems to be out of stock,,any ideas or have one for sale,,Thanks in advance guys,, Regards Tony.
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    Welsh Dee 2020

    Was talking to 2 guys fishing near llangollen, yesterday,,they said they had not seen ,or had any takes all day.
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    River Severn 2020

    Been out ,,,nothing seen,caught
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    boat seat

    I did take a look at your,DIY seat,I like them,but I do like the height of the rather pricey ones,,may give it a try,if nothing shows, Thank You.
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    boat seat

    Having looked at at the price of a new,boat seat,,,just wondering if any one has one second hand for sale,,,? Regards Tony.
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    Daft question,,,on fishpal when its says1,,4,,,6,,,or whatever number against the beat,,,does that mean 4 rods left to book,or 4 rods have booked? searched all the legends,details etc,,does not say? Regards Tony.
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    River Severn 2020

    Any sightings,any where on the severn?
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    Hi Guys, looking to fish rutland res,,,within the next 2 weeks,,,any tips for a pensioner,i believe they do boats for the old folk on tuesdays,,,but looking for tips on flies,tactics location etc.. Regards in advance. Tony.
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    flyiny c lures

    Hi Guys, whats the best method and type of single hook, to replace the lures treble hooks on the above lures?
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    Clewedog Res

    Fished yesterday 2 guys /boat.....absoulutley dire not a fish caught 5 boats out,no rises all day,,,,has this place got plans to shut down,,,dont think we will be returning,
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    shooting head

    I have a Hardy Uniqua 14foot,,,rated a 9 weight line,,, Has any one got some advise regarding a suitable shooting head and running line,, Regards Tony.