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    How to fly fish deep pools?

    T Tips arghhhhhh please can someone help? I currently have a JN 600 grain NI head and use sink tip kit from a Rio skagit kit and need a kit that covers most scenarios Is there one or do you buy each individual line at £30 a pop? thanks for all the great reply’s by the way ?
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    How to fly fish deep pools?

    How can you fish for salmon on the fly in 20-30’ deep pools?
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    Skagit tip set

    Hi thanks for your reply is this easy enough?
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    Skagit tip set

    Anyone have a good suggestion for one? Currently have the Rio set of three and they are past there best so need a new set. Is it better to buy individual ones?
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    Mortima and Whitehouse at it again :)

    Great viewing
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    Reliable no nonsense trout reel, recommendations please

    Leeda rim fly reel they just work and cheap!
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    River Ure 2020....

    May as well go to Morrison’s for a fish at least you’ll see one ha ha
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    River Ure 2020....

    Thank you kindly ?
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    River Ure 2020....

    There be some fish in the system now! I’d love to fish the Ure but can’t find anywhere that’s good fly water that doesn’t cost as much as your license for a days fishing.
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    9/10 shooting head line (floating)

    Got myself a Norris Head for under £20 thanks all the same ?
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    Can anyone tie me a half a dozen flies please? Everyone out of stock.

    Please inbox me if you can? Thanks
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    Welly slap.

    Hunter neoprene and they are slack round the top
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    Welly slap.

    ?? apparently you can get gators that go on the top of welly? I adjust them right up but always sloppy
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    Dealing with public on the river

    Awesome stories ?