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    Wee reels

    Came across a couple of these wee reels and am going to clean them up for display in the den .Anyone any idea of the age of it , looks to be made of brass
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    My take on the green silk

    Never tied this fly before so thought I’d tie 1 up Tied it on the green partridge hook as I would
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    No jungle cock for a change

    Be going for a swim
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    Couple wee 12s

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    Loop multi spare spool

    Looking a spare spool for a loop multi 6-9 if anyone has one lying around at a reasonable price , thx
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    Which reel

    Looking to set mate up with a outfit for starting off , he’s bought the oracle scandi 12:9 rod looking bit of advice now on a reel and line now , spending around £100 for a reel , any help appreciated thx
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    Had to let them

    Flies totally ****** off at not getting to swim so let them Out for some sunbathing
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    Keeping her simple

    Was sitting at the vice and tied this up just keeping it simple , doesn’t suit bit of JC as I tried some on it and my head kept telling me No No No , might work in ,might not
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    Loop x7

    Has anyone bought the new X7 in the 12:6 and what’s your honest thoughts on it compared to the S1
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    Purchased around 25 yrs ago

    Doing a bit of clearing up and come across this picture I bought about 25 years ago on a trip to the Moy fishing in ballina .Numbered 107 of 750 Think it’s about time I got it framed and in the den
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    Off the cigarettes

    Off the cigarettes 8 weeks today and it wasn’t bothering me too much until today and I was about to blow a gasket for some reason . had a real craving for a smoke so headed for the fly tying table to release a bit of steam, found some polar bear so decided to give it a go in the tail ,
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    First one tied over the break

    Just a sit down for half hour at the vice
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    Taimen wading jackets

    Hi anyone using the above make of jacket. ,what’s your reviews on them and what they like for sizing. Thinking on getting 1
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    Trying a bit of polar bear hair

    Had some polar bear hair so tried using it in the tail too see how it whistles next season
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    Up early this morning

    Up early this morning so went to play Calvin , few minor tweaks