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    Scottish politics

    I thought you were barred from here? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    River Tummel - Pitlochry AC - Friday 24th May

    I have a rod that I am unable to fish available for Friday 24th May. It’s a Pitlochry bank start and you need to be registered with the angling club booking website in order to transfer the rod. Please PM any interest.
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    Airflo Ridge Running Line

    Now SOLD Airflo Ridge Extreme running line 50lbs. Grey colour. Looped at both ends and used once. £15 posted UK
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    Guideline RTG - Shooting Head Intermediate 10/11

    Guideline RTG SC Intermediate shooting head welded loops at both ends (Light Green version). Rated 10/11 and weighs 39g. £15 Posted UK.
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    Guideline Power Taper Shooting Head - S2/S3

    Original Guideline Power Taper shooting head (cut to size version) - S2/S3 and rated 9/10 weighing 35g. £15 posted UK
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    Guideline Power Taper Shooting Head S1/S2

    Original Guideline Power Taper shooting head (cut to size version) - S1/S2 and rated 9/10 weighing 34g. £15 posted UK
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    Airflo Compact Rage 510 grains

    Looking for a replacement for one that flew away.
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    Confirmed Categories 2018

    Consultation and Application of Conservation Limits
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    River Tay 2018

    Opening Day Could’ve done without that...good luck to all for the season.
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    Aberdeenshire Dee 2018

    River Dee thread hasn’t been started yet and not long until opening day now so good luck to everyone fishing the Dee in 2018! For all the difficulties the river has faced over recent seasons there still can’t be many more exciting feelings than dropping down onto Dee-side from the Cairn O’...
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    Name the Pool

    Here you go’s a nice bit of water.
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    Name the Pool

    Bingo, you’re spot on Jim. :D It reminds me of a number of middle Dee beats in character and for that reason thought it might throw a few doubts in. I knew someone would’ve fished it though, and there can’t be many you haven’t fished Jim? :) Here was my final clue - looking upstream from...
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    Name the Pool

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    38lb salmon weighed & returned @ Upper caberston today.

    Strange, it must be an issue with my browser as I cant see any picture or see the comments regards “Pics to follow” Not to worry...
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    River Leven and Lomond System 2017

    Was needing that snorkel to get round the corner today jonnie....a touch high even for me! :eek: