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    Lune 2021

    Cheers and thank you 👍
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    Lune 2021

    O Out of curiosity, how much is it to join Bentham?
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    Lune 2021

    This is my first year back on the Lune after a ten year hiatus and I'm stunned by the lack of fish. I've fished after work 2 or 3 times a week since the drought broke and I've only seen one salmon.
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    Lune 2021

    Had an afternoon at Tebay yesterday. Water was still a bit high in most places for the fly but was nice and clear with few leaves. Only saw 1 salmon show. Shook hands with a decent sized fish on the town water but didn't see it so no idea what it was.
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    Lune 2021

    I had a couple of hours at Tebay after work today. It was a lovely fly water, spoiled by a nasty upstream wind🙄 Didn't see or touch any salmon but got hammered by the trout. The next few days should see the salmon start to appear if the forecast rain is accurate
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    Lune 2021

    Today I'm delivering mail in the rural area around Tebay and have had a look at several sections of the Lune. There is extra water in the river below Borrowdale beck but unfortunately only enough to bring it back up to a normal summer level 🙄 The good news is that that it's been raining most of...
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    Lune 2021

    It's on the rise at Lunes Bridge. Not a lot yet but plenty more forecast 🤞
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    Opinions on my flies appreciated.

    No problem with those 👍
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    Trespassing or public access?

    I suspect that OP is from the USA. I've seen something to do with this subject on YouTube in the past.
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    Lune 2021

    It would certainly struggle getting under Lunes Bridge and through the gorge 🤣
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    Tyne & Eden – Seeking Local Knowledge

    There are definitely Bullheads in the Eden 👍 Although John Pape's tackle shop is long gone, he's alive and well. He's still in Appleby doing courses and casting tuition 👍
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    River wear 2021

    Thank you for that update, I too had a short notice change of circumstances and couldn't attend. Hopefully I'll be able to get to Stanhope show instead 👍
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    Airflo 40+ 7 weight

    If it's for the switch rod, have a look look at the Guideline bullet range. Ignore the atfm rating and go off the gram/grain rating. If you can find an old stock bullet evolve rather than the bullet 2 you could probably save a considerable amount of money 👍
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    Size and weight chart for posting with Royal Mail and Parcelforce

    As a postman I can tell you for a fact that that the tube dimensions aren't adhered to by Post Office staff when accepting parcels 🙄 I've had to refuse to collect items several times purely because I couldn't get them in the van without having to crease the tube. One was 8 foot long 😂😂
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    Lune 2021

    Fished Tebay for three hours after work for the last three days. Haven't seen anything silver at all 🤔 I'm over on the river Wear tonight but I might try a night session at Tebay Thursday or Friday