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    Vosseler Reels

    The Century reels were made in China and had nothing whatsoever to do with Vosseler, China are the masters of cloning. I did speak to Ralf Vosselelr about making some but his lead times were too long at the time. I used these Centry reels a lot, played lots of big fish on them and they were...
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    Why do most people on this board think fishing is dying ,and we need an influx of youngsters?

    Children have far more interesting and instantly gratifying things to do than go fishing, it has been that way for a generation now. Its nothing more complicated than that. Parents engage with their children a lot more than ours did by taking them to all kinds of play clubs, sports teams...
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    Doggy Photo's

    I got her when she was fourteen months old Andy back in 2012, she was wild with no basic training and an appetite for chickens. This was her first proper driven day six months later, she's barely put a foot wrong since and still as keen as mustard!
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    Doggy Photo's

    Thats Maggie, Ive had her since she was born 5.5yrs ago. Here she is on the right with her mother Safi and full litter sister little Safi, all great workers as well as pets.
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    More Benchrest Success

    Back in April I started my first season of competitive benchrest shooting as a way of promoting my relatively new custom rifle building business. The idea was to try and prove my products against the cream of the UK benchrest shooters. Benchrest is like the Formula One of rifle shooting, its...
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    McGregor vs Mayweather

    Agreed. I have followed boxing since the 70s and I started watching UFC at the very beginning in 1997, I follow both sports very closely still. I like Conor but any honest and knowledgeable observer cannot deny that he has escalated himself into todays position with as much talking as...
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    Building the Big Dog

    I thought this might be of interest to some of you guys who are following my shooting exploits. This slideshow details the three weeks of work that went into building my first benchrest heavy gun. Im currently leading the UK Benchrest Association Heavy Gun Championship after winning all of the...
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    My Benchrest Success

    On Sunday I shot in the 3rd round of the UK Benchrest Heavy Gun Championship, my third ever competition. Conditions were very different to last time with temps as high as 26 degrees and a variable wind from zero to 6mph. Again I won the competition outright as well as finishing first Heavy Gun...
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    My Benchrest Success

    The Story Continues... Since I unexpectedly found myself leading the UKBRA Heavy Gun championship after the first round I decided I should build myself a competitive rifle of my own and compete in the second round which was 4 weeks after my initial success. I did a bit of research on what...
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    My Benchrest Success

    I dont post here now as my mind is elsewhere but I though sharing this news would be of interest to some of my friends. Since I started building rifles I have striven to do my very best every time, every rifle is as important to me as the last or the next. I build every one with the same...
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    Doggy Photo's

    The Apple Scruncher
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    American Burkheimer and Meiser Rods

    Chardonnay likes her Meiser rods.
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    Double Taper Lines

    Darling, did you pack the 'Double Tapers'?
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    A Little Black Number.

    For those who were interested in my last post. This one is built on a factory Tikka T3 action but with a custom barrel, stock and graphite black cerakote finish.
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    Sir Bobby Robson 18/2/33 - 31/7/2009

    Seven years ago today we lost one of British footballs true greats, a Geordie and a Gentleman of the highest order. Gone but never forgotten Rest in peace Sir Bobby.