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    We should not laugh but!!!

    Did anyone see the news today about the woman who stabbed her husband, very serious matter but I could not help laughing at the 999 phone call and the bodycam video of her arrest...
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    Climate change

    The more you think or read about this green energy sh1te the more you realise it is sh1te. On one hand we are told we need to plant more trees (good idea) even the river Dee trust want to plant a million trees, then on the other hand some do gooders are reintroducing Beavers that cut down trees...
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    Climate change

    I have no idea what the agenda of the cop26 meeting would be, but I would hope that the destruction of wildlife habitat would be as high on the agenda as trying to get us into electric cars or burning less fossil fuels. There would be little point in having clean air if deforestation, bad...
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    Who's Happy with Brexit Now ? Bloody brexit!!!
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    Climate change

    Although I am not convinced that climate change is all down to human activity and it could be used as a way to tax us even more, there is no denying that loss of habitat has affected many many species and the clever conservationists have or are trying to link the loss of habitat which is mostly...
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    Climate change

    For anyone who missed this on the news
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    Anyone care to have a go at explaining

    The shortage of labour is not just something that happened overnight, it has been in the making for the past 20 years or so. When I worked as an ironmonger each year we sold hundreds of apprentice tool kits for all trades, kids coming out of school wanted a trade, then we had an influx of...
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    Extreme selfishness

    Oh no what next, bloody brexit Parliament is full of them, there might even be some on SFF
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    Tagged smolts detected at sea

    Not sure but there has been a lot of time effort and money spent on the Beltie in the last couple of years I did not know of the sewage works At the confluence with the dee, there is a waterworks that supplies water to Deeside and parts of Aberdeen...
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    A fishermans lament

    The rivers high the time is nigh the fish should run and reels should turn I cast my bait and wait and wait Without a bite the fishing's sh1te. I try the flee this one will dee if only the fish would agree I cast and cast there is no doot but not even a pull fae a troot oh wait is that a pull...
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    Estimated weight

    16 pun
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    Extreme selfishness

    What is the difference between petrol and paraffin There are two Fs in paraffin there is no f in petrol
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    River Don 2021

    Went out for a few hours today tried the worm and flying c not a touch but that is not unusual for me even the trout were not playing. What was concerning in what was a good height and colour of water at the end of September was that I never even saw a fish of any kind. What is going on?.
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    Tagged smolts detected at sea

    I might speak sh1te sometimes but most of the time I have not a scooby what you are saying.
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    Tagged smolts detected at sea

    Not sure why there are no trout/seatrout counts for the Girnock or Baddoch burns because trout fry, parr, and smolts would use the same food resources as juvenile Salmon. It could be that there are few trout/seatrout in those burns, it could also be that the low fry counts on the Beltie and...