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    Ballbearing swivels

    Another vote for the Spin tec BB swivels, work aswell as any when needed. Using flying C/ Mepps I don,t use any swivels, braid mainline, a rod length of 20lb fluoro leader, tied direct to the lure, no issues at all, some friends who spin a lot more than I do, use this set up too without any...
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    Who's Happy with Brexit Now ?

    Brexit,And Covid, the perfect storm to exaggerate scenarios, coupled with media reporting of issues that were not really issues, leads us to the mess we are now in. Fuel supply was not an issue, media hype just propelled a non issue, to headline news, as I ,am sure the media will do the same to...
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    50 lb ?

    Head shots, especially with a wide angled lense/phone always give an exaggerated view of the head, but even so, that is one huge fish, immense girth, looks every ounce of a potential 50lb + fish, awesome!
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    Estimated weight

    Great picture, 12/13lb, decent depth and lenght, big tail.
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    I am not an avid tennis watcher, but last night was quite something, great game, two teenagers playing at the highest level, start of a new era in the game.
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    Name the UK rivers that you have caught a salmon from....(this is not a who's got the biggest ego competition)....just an interesting one

    Test, Itchen and Hants Avon, with a solitary fish from the Blackwater (Eire), one memorable near miss from the Thames, need to get out more!!!!
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    A very impressive young lady, seems to have brushed aside her Wimbledon melt down and progressed, I really hopes she wins ,tomorrow, coming off the back of a tremendous Olympic/Para- Olympic games, puts UK sport in its rightful place, right up there with the best. lottery funding paying dividends.
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    This year Olympics (pleasantly surprised)

    Not had much opportunity to watch it live, but some very impressive results, across so many different sports, well done all, the one event I did catch live was Max Whitlock in the pommel horse, he is a class act, just so cool. The swimmers were surprisingly good too, far better than expected...
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    Ard’s innovative Double Braided Loop Protection.

    A dab of waterproof superglue works, I add a piece of shrink tube between the loops to stiffen the link, very simple, but very effective.
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    Wye 2021

    Hats off to all involved, great work, every river needs this, then the EA etc might well have to do something, rather than the F-all they do now!
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    Hampshire Avon 2021

    Don,t know about the counts, but 2 grilse caught from North End on Sunday, others seen.
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    Hampshire Avon 2021

    Temperature back within the boundaries, but is there much in the way of fish worth pursuing?
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    Poll: Taking action against pollution

    MMMMM? Tricky one, by not buying a rod licence and continuing to fish all that will happen is loads of fines and criminal records, not buying a licence and not fishing might be more effective, but it would have to be general, the fishery owners, clubs etc would have to lend their weight to the...
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    Wye 2021

    The amount of money squandered by the likes of WUF and other bodies over the last 20+ years is scandalous, OK the intention was improvement, but opening up miles of tributaries etc for potential spawning sites somewhat missed some basic facts! The Salmon did well enough through the previous...
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    Wye 2021

    Floods have a major effect on weed growth, but not normally a total wipe out, other factors combined will destroy it ,namely, pollution, so many river threads are reporting similar problems, no wonder there are so few fish, they need the weed for survival, no weed =no, or very few fry surviving...