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    The Big Fish That Got Away Stories

    Isisalar, interesting, in the 2007 winter, barbel fishing a bit higher up river from where you were, I hooked 2 fish in a week, the first ran downstream and across the river for around 80mtrs in one rush before the hookhold failed, the 2nd, a bit further down river, hooked within a rod lenght of...
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    The Big Fish That Got Away Stories

    This thread just sums up one of the best bits about salmon fishing for me, that unknown factor, big fish can, and have turned up on most rivers, from small to big waters, not often encountered on rod and line, but just occasionally one slips up, The Avon has a decent record of big fish, they are...
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    who can make me 60 gram Flying Cs??

    Another option worth considering might be rubber shads on heavy jig heads, far more controllable in heavy flows/deepwater and seemingly endless options in colour size of shads and head weights!!!!
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    who can make me 60 gram Flying Cs??

    You could always add a barrel lead to the trace to sit directly above the lure, loads of adjustability there!
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    Worth a good go, especially given decent water clarity, for coloured /high water conditions, swap the black for yellow and add a decent splash of kingfisher blue and/or pink!
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    Best tasting fish

    Brill take some beating, ling, fresh cod ,mackerel, and a surprise a golden grey mullet caught from a beach, even flounder, all very edible, a fresh salmon takes some beating though, shame they are off most of our menu,s.
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    The Big Fish That Got Away Stories

    June this year, fishing a long pool on the Avon, the last 30 meters has an abrupt bend, with a few small willows right on top of the bank, they were 10feet away from the edge last year, big clay boulders lying in 8ft of water, then clean gravel. Working through this jungle, a fish rose behind my...
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    Maradona dead

    No wind up, I just could not see the last touch clearly, it may well have been Maradona,s left foot, maybe assisted by the defender coming through the back of his foot, but amazing run to get to that point regardless.
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    Plans for 2021

    Apart from fishing the Avon as much as possible, no other plans, just going to see what happens with the Xmas, mass spreading event, hopefully it will not result in further lockdowns, the vaccine offers hope of eventual normality or something near, time will tell.
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    Maradona dead

    Bizarre, but there was a tweet from Johan Cruyff on sky news tonight, clever seeing he passed away in 2016!!!!!!!
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    Maradona dead

    I do not think he could stand up to the current greats, ie, Messi and Renaldo, they are special players in are far more competitive game, both have shown incredible consistancy in an ever demanding scenario, he just snorted his way to oblivion!
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    Maradona dead

    A great player for sure, the best ever, not sure about that one . The infamous "hand of god" goal always a bad mark from England fans, but the footage of his 2nd in that game begs a question, did he actually score, or did the defender, run it through a few times in slow motion, frame by frame...
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    The Dog Gone Thread;

    Sorry to hear of your loss, Ard, but the above is a very fitting epitaph, stunning pictures capture some of attachment, hard to let go of, but a new pup will restart that bond, different of course, but a new chapter to look forward too.
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    Covid Vaccine... Well would you ??

    I would have the vaccine, hope we get a badge or similar saying Covid free zone or the like, so that all those still wearing their masks, get the picture. having the jab must mean no masks, would be pointless to wear one!
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    A year in the life of the Tay bbc2 7.15pm

    I have just watched the program, very well done, quality filming, interesting, everything you want from a documentary, even without Sir David narrating!