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    River Tyne 2021

    Would seem to be the same story in all English rivers, the Avon has produced some wonderful fish, but they are very thin on the ground, little groups entering the river and just seem to disappear, some getting caught/hooked in the lower river, but nothing in the usually productive middle beats...
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    Polyleader to trace knot 🪢

    These rings can be really awkward to handle, try putting them onto a safety pin, tie on your poly, then just take it off the pin, simple, a paper clip works fine too.
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    Hampshire Avon 2021

    Well done to both you and Colin, that is nearly the perfect photo, shows the fish off really well, stunning creature, just a shame with the shadow masking the top part of its back, but a brilliant result, your persistence is paying off, very well done.
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    Hampshire Avon 2021

    Unlucky Peter, fish are turning up, some being seen on the Royalty, odd one being caught, but few and far between, they are not in evidence further up river, hopefully numbers will pick up soon, but it appears quiet all over the country at the moment.
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    Goo sander or merganser ?

    I am sure I read a piece which referred to goosanders being introduced in the 1800,s? the RSPB sight makes a reference to the first recorded breeding in 1871, that makes them an introduced species in my book!!!!! Large numbers of Parakeets were culled in Richmond and Twickenham around 15...
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    Goo sander or merganser ?

    How come authorities in the London area can cull large numbers of Ring Necked Parakeets, but no one can cull Goosanders??????? Both introduced species.
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    Enough about yesterdays "special one", what about the Man City/. Chelsea Champioins league final, two special teams bursting with talent, some of the players, quality young English players, will be good to watch, especially for a neutral, watching for quality players at their peak, hard one to...
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    Spinning Rod Advice

    I have quite a few spinning rods, but when the multiplier is used , I couple it with a barbel rod, 12ft ,1.75lb /2lb TC, a great combination for fishing Devons (and prawns). The rod action is perfect for those underarm casts and longer range were needed, also the ringing is ideal.
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    Hampshire Avon 2021

    Nice one Paul, not bad for 20 minutes of fishing, jammy sod!!!! Right place, right time is what its all about.
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    Hampshire Avon 2021

    Gary, your persistance finally paid off big time, I am really chuffed for you mate, and what a stunning fish, very well done.
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    Hampshire Avon 2021

    Yes is the answer, and before you question the weight, it was weighed at 26lb, witnessed by very experienced anglers, and Paul is a big bloke with hands like shovels, the picture is poor, but it is what it is.
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    American Opposum steelhead flies

    I would definitely chuck that at an Atlantic salmon with confidence!
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    New killer fly

    Never had much opportunity to worm fish, baring a couple of trips, some success and very enjoyable, my home ground, the Southern Chalkstreams banned it years ago, but the prawn is a different matter. Simply love fishing it, covering loads of ground, working every viable pool, a lot of it visual...
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    Need rain

    From raging floods to rapidly diminishing flows seems to sum up a lot of rivers, no rain forecast for the next month in the south, fish still in the Avon, but the likely rise in temperature and no rain are a concern for sure.
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    Hampshire Avon 2021

    Nice one Paul, despite the bad back, 26lb sealiced fish from the Royalty (as mentioned earlier by Hants Avon)