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    Corrymore Glacial Lake .

    One of the very few water tables left that is probably not polluted, it would be lovely to go for a swim in it, cold or not it would be good for the body and soul, that's what I would be doing if it was on my doorstep. Thanks for posting
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    ‘Brown’ winging material

    I'm looking for it for the last few years can't get it, I wanted to tie some blue charms , you can dye squirrel tail but it's just not the same in my eyes you can never get that shade of brown through dying, not that it makes much difference to Salmon but if you feel more confident fishing a...
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    Slaney 2020

    Was out for a few hours this evening never seen a thing, river is at summertime levels, but then what would you expect when they are extracting 11,000,000 gallons of water a day from the Slaney. The day will come when it will run dry. 🤔
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    SAGE METHOD 11' 9" 7wt Switch - Which Line?

    Wtf is wrong with people nowadays so many unscrupulous individuals out there trying to pull a fast one, Im after getting caught more times buying second hand rods and gear only to find it had been damaged in some way or another. You were lucky Pal to get your money refunded, i think you are...
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    My own designed spinning rod

    You may give up the roofing and go into rod building full time 😀
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    Slaney 2020

    According to reports there were 4 individuals from Carlow Town apprehended by the bailiffs bait fishing at 5 o clock the other morning in Ballinastraw, the IFI are doing a good job patrolling the river.
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    A spin on 'car for fishing'

    You might aswell dream during the day as night 😊
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    A spin on 'car for fishing'

    Well at least he had his priorities right about the beer anyway👍
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    A spin on 'car for fishing'

    What about one of these?
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    Who Catches Par now ?

    I was going to work last week and was driving parallel with the River i spotted 14 or 15 Cormorants if there was 1 flying in a V formation couldn't believe it they were not there for nothing it would be at least 30 miles from the sea, If you ever shot one of them ( i. e know they are...
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    Who Catches Par now ?

    Often seen them going back down the river, you see the little ring they make its a great sight to see
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    River Deel - Mayo

    It's the Aasleagh falls on the Erriff I think?
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    Blue charm double

    Kingfisher Blue is the one, dressed sparsely 👍
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    Basserisk hair

    That Orvis Store was on my bucket list when I visited New York a number of years ago, I bought a few bits and bobs from it that I still haven't used. That Store is a must for any Angler who goes on a trip to the Big Apple. 😎
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    Basserisk hair

    It's a lovely hair to work with, I came across this in a job lot of materials I purchased it's the first time I ever heard of it.