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    Suitable line

    510gr Airflo Rage Compact.
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    Hardy Jet Sintrix switch

    I have a 10ft #6 Demon Sintrix and an 11ft #6/7 Demon Sintrix Switch they are both made with 330 Sintrix which is the same as yours,The singlehander is one of my favourite rods to use for summer salmon.I use a 19g Guideline Uls with Polyleaders and 20lb Amnesia running line,you want to try that...
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    Vosseler Passion reel.

    Thanks guys is there a check on them or silent drag?
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    Vosseler Passion reel.

    Anyone have the above reel, Really like the look of them before I plunge,Would be interested to hear any responses.
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    Comparing the Thurso and Tweed Part 2

    The Erriff is fly only, and yes there is a fish pass at Ashleigh Falls
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    Comparing the Thurso and Tweed Part 2

    I haven't fished the Thurso yet,but from photos and some video's of it I feel it may be similar to a spate river we have in the West of Ireland the Erriff.The Erriff is set in a wonderful valley with the famous Ashleigh Falls just before it cascades into Irelands only fjord Killary.The river can...
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    Shows yer BITCOINS

    Well done,but you must have bought in during an all time high in 2017 as todays Bitcoin price is $57497.In its lifetime is has increased by 62.1K% and doesnt look likely to stop rising anytime soon.My biggest regret was shunning it years ago. There are thousands of crypto coin nowadays some have...
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    13' to 13'6

    13ft 6 Gloomis Roaring River if you can find one.It will throw that and heavier.Rod is in a league of its own
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    Casting big flies in big water?

    Get yourself an Airflo Fist you can dredge the deepest and biggest rivers with Tungsten tips or use 15ft tips with different densities .You could throw a chicken with that line.That is the go to line for most anglers on the mighty Kalex in Northern Sweden,that brings big water to a whole new...
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    Scandi casting actual “max” distance......

    I use mono running line on all my setups as it has less friction than coated running lines and thus travels much further. I have never measured how far i can throw but at a guess I would say in around 120ft is easily achievable on the 15ft and longer rods I use.
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    Diseased Fish

    Not a good sight to behold,Looks like UDN.What fishery was this on?
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    Heads for a 10' #8

    Southside Angling Dublin is where I got mine
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    Heads for a 10' #8

    I have a 300gr Rage compact I use on a 10ft #7 Hardy Zenith but I much prefer a 19gr Guideline Uls head with 10ft polyleaders and Amnesia running line. Also have the 3D Uls heads for getting deeper but they rarely get used as the singlehander is generally for summer fishing,The Uls lines were a...
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    Best place you have ever fished?

    Also been fortunate enough to fish many rivers worldwide,But Swedish Lapland threw a spell over me,I yearn to return each year to massive rivers that present the ultimate challenges and the real chance of truly spectacular fish.
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    T&S Feb Crossword

    Leech and Raining