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    Waders bags?

    Simms taco , perfect bag £40 will last a lifetime 👍
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    Thurso River "non-refundable" deposit

    Sounds like a good idea , but i doubt trout & salmon would want to get involved with this even though its a disgrace for such an establishment to act in this way . I do wish the anglers who have lost their deposit the best of luck with a refund.
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    hardy zane no 3

    zane no 2 on 15fter, great reels , wish I kept them .....
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    hardy zane no 3

    A zane no3 on a 10ft single hander, ridiculous ???
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    Lanrick river teith

    Hi im looking to fish at the teith at lanrick , can anyone recommend what beat is better fishing , upper or lower ? Thanks
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    SOG RIVER Iceland

    Hello Has anyone fished sog river in iceland ? Looking for some info , thanks
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    Intruder eyes.

    Im looking for info on what you are using for intruder eyes, any links would be appreciated. Thanks