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    3 x Salmon Reels surplus to requirements - Greys GTEC 410, BFR Magnum 140, Airflo M3

    Three reels for sale: Greys GTEC 410 loaded with backing plus Hardy Mach 55 9 wt floater, very good used condition with neoprene pouch and box, £75 + postage. NOW SOLD BFR (Leeda) Magnum 140 loaded with backing plus Hardy Mach II 8 wt floater, good used condition, £25 + postage. NOW SOLD...
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    Greys G-Tec 15 ft 10 wt

    Greys G-Tec 15 footer 10 weight, second section has had varnish retouched on female ferrule at some point but hardly noticeable, has the odd mark from use but generally very good condition. Didn't have the original tube when I got it but comes in Stillwater cordura rod tube and original Greys...
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    Airflo M3 Reel (original) spares

    Have lost one of the grub screws which holds the reel foot to the reel frame of my Airflo M3, have contacted Airflo who weren't much use saying that as the M3 sold out years ago they don't have any spares (though no doubt the same size screw will have been used many times since in new reel...
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    Rod tube for Greys G-Tec 15 foot

    Looking for a genuine Greys screw top protective rod tube as originally supplied with Greys G-Tec 15 footer.
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    Cumbrian Derwent

    The general concensus on our stretch is that if you've seen a fish so far this year you've been lucky, let alone catch one. Are people expecting too much, i.e. just because there's been plenty of water for the last couple of months doesn't necessarily mean that the fish will be there, or is it...
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    Daiwa Newera reel + spools, BNIB, less than half price

    I have a Daiwa Newera #8/9 reel plus two spare spools in a case, brand new, never used (a recently won competition prize which is surplus to requirements). Retails at £215, selling for £100 plus p & p.
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    Vision Spey Ace Line

    Can anyone give me any info or reviews of the Vision Spey Ace line, Stirling Angling Centre have them on offer for £19.99 at the moment but the line length is given as 20 metres which makes me think they are more of a shooting head type line?