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    The first fish

    Well done
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    River Don 2021

    Nothing left to come in?
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    River Don 2021

    2019 was a slight “resurgence” but still not that great. This year has been better than last year, so far, but last year was terrible.
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    Pink Salmon.

    You want to look at this
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    Aberdeenshire Dee 2021

    There were a few fish at the pumphouse 1st week in August, the water went up at the end of that week and there hasn’t been a thing there since. Not sure what the boats are seeing.
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    Aberdeenshire Dee 2021

    A fairly obvious and depressing sign that all the fish are in and have been for a while now I’m afraid.
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    The Sentience Bill, salmon catch and release and Packham

    If it wasn’t for anglers the salmon would have disappeared long ago, so WTF is this all about?
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    How was your spring?

    It has been exactly like that, on the NE of Scotland rivers, for the past 7 seasons. This season is looking no different.
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    Don Pink Salmon

    They spawn in August and September, then the young hatch and go to sea around 2 months later. Maybe they thrive so well because they spend a lot less time in freshwater and are not then gobbled up by the FEBs!
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    Pinkie caught on the Forth

    Was it not the Russians who introduced them to their north western rivers, then they spread to Scandinavia and so to our rivers?
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    Another very dry year

    Dry summers always suit me fine!
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    Sea Troot.

    Cracking sea trout, well done
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    Earn 2021

    Cracking sea trout, well done
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    Classified Wanted Scam??

    I had the very same experience when I posted a message looking for a Scott Mackenzie 13ft perflex, he sent me his “friends” e mail address saying he had 1 for sale. I sent him a message asking how much etc, when he asked me to make a PayPal payment to his son’s account I smelt a rat and backed out.