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    Braw day up the Glen

    Looks like a magic day you’ve had, river looks cracking up there 👍🎣
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    Lack of fish showing this season?

    One day il always remember on the Dee at Sluie about 10 years ago in June the whole day me and my mate were seeing constant run after run of fish all sizes going through, never seen anything like it again
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    Had a day at Avochie on Friday, water looked good height and clearing nicely Had a couple brownies and 3 offers probably more brownies, only seen a couple fish all day One my mates had a couple coloured fish about 6lbs and lost a better one with the split ring on his rapala opening Other mate...
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    River Earn.

    Check Fishpal levels if good Get out and fish you catch zip flaked on your sofa 🎣
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    First Earn salmon

    Nice one 👍🎣 Strange how different rivers reporting not seeing much fish move just now but still some being caught
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    First off the Southie

    Was a size 10 had on yesterday, I usually take off the rubber tubes if removable, though it is tied in on that fly
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    First off the Southie

    Cheers Yes seen a recommendation by Westie on here a few years ago, use the size 8,10&12s been good hooks for the tubes 👍
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    First off the Southie

    Nice pool to fish was on left bank today and fished right down, whole beat from stables down to Craig looked fishy a few years ago that would of def been a keeper silver purple hue been in a week or 2 I’d think
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    First off the Southie

    Took a few fish with that tube, had to rescue it from a tree later on with my wading staff, last one of them and can’t remember where I bought them from since changed to single hooks lost far less fish not that I’m hooking many, hope that isn’t kiss of death
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    First off the Southie

    Headed to the Brechin water this morning, only second time I’ve come down, water looked perfect started just below the bridge and fished down to stables then moved car to the water works Up to the wires and put them on a heavier sink tip, about 20 meters past the wires got a gentle pluck...
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    End of the drought.

    Il maybe catch it before end of season at a fishable height
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    End of the drought.

    Looks oks like more water later in week I’m up Deveron on Friday or would have waited a few days
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    End of the drought.

    Looks like Westie be too low again tomorrow, think il give the Brechin water a bash looked a nice stretch last time was down
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    End of the drought.

    Nice one Alan, good to get a bend in the rod 👍 The Westie fairly shot up n down quickly, thought Monday might have gave me a chance but forecast looks like not much rain Sunday so probably won’t be fishable levels again 🙄 See how football goes Sunday maybe hit the Southie on Monday
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    Hi all, from Aberdeen 😊

    Hi Peter, welcome to forum, the one with most fishing in the Aberdeen area is ADAA, have water on Dee, Don, Fuegh, Ythan and some Stillwater fishing, not sure how their waters been fishing this year I was just told today that the Culter beat lease is up end of this season