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    Switch rods useful or a marketing scam?

    I think that “Trout Spey” really is a gimmick and a rather foolish one at that. On the other hand bought my only switch rod three years ago and use it mainly on mid sized rivers. it’s a 10 1/2 foot Hardy Jet for 6/7 wt. lines. What I really like is that I can comfortably use it as a single...
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    Gaelforce Website

    Edvard Grieg’s family run one of the biggest open net pen salmon farm businesses. Not his fault but it’s put me off his music a bit.
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    Part order for a friend hoping to fish in Gaspe later.

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful.
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    Fishing in the Fog

    If anglers wouldn’t fish in fog, many salmon rivers in Newfoundland would never see a fly!
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    POLL: Tie of the Month April 2021: I can already hear you groaning!

    Nope. No little dots I’m afraid.
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    POLL: Tie of the Month April 2021: I can already hear you groaning!

    As a first timer on the TOTM I just read this and looking back at the photo I submitted I have to admit it isn’t clear that there are indeed two colours in the tail matching the hackles. I hope I’m not violating the rules by doing this but here is another photo, in better light, of my...
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    Salmon on Spring & Pawl vs. Disc Drag Reels?

    Like many, probably most, Newfoundlanders, my first salmon reel was a Young. Mine came to a sad end when borrowed by a relative. Some how he contrived to drive over it, and the rod, destroying both. He handed me money rather than replacing the rod and reel and I put it all toward a Hardy Saint...
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    Purple Flies

    I was a student assistant on an experiment at uni back in the early ‘70’s. We were using small (4 to 6 inch) brown trout and assessing their ability to distinguish colour. It was quite acute in fact and they quickly learned to poke the right coloured lever to get a food pellet dropped in. I’m...
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    A couple for July

    The only suggestions I’d make are on the Silver Blue. On a fly as small as an 8 I’d skip the ostrich herl butt altogether and make the yellow floss tag a bit shorter and the body longer. Otherwise both look great, well tied and sparse. That’s the biggest issue I see, particularly with...
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    Hair wing blue charm ?

    The Blue Charm certainly originated well back into the 1800’s and as described above, silver tip, golden yellow floss, GP topping for a tail, black floss body, silver rib, pale blue throat and wing of bronze mallard with slips of teal over. Interestingly, Kelson included it in “The Salmon Fly”...
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    What chance do Salmon have

    On this side of the Atlantic the annual Newfoundland seal hunt used to take about 200,000 to 300,000 pelts a year and the overall population was stable at an estimated 2 to 3 million animals. After the various self described “greens” were finished with it the hunt is effectively dead and the...
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    POLL: Tie of the Month April 2021: I can already hear you groaning!

    Hi all. This is my first entry in the TOTM contest though I’ve been tying a very few and very basic flies for forty years. COVID and lockdowns have led to me spending more time at the vise And I’ve learnt a lot over the past 12 months. I’m not very creative so it’s a fairly traditional Cascade...
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    Hardy Jet Sintrix switch

    I don’t have that line weight but I do have the 10’6 6/7 wt.. It has handled fresh run fish of up to 17lbs. quite easily. Love the rod.