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    The Alistair Flamethrower

    Very nice fly.👍👍
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    The Usual Flamethrower

    Very nice tying.👍👍
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    McCormick's Shrimp from Trout and Salmon

    Fantastic fly for peat stained rivers. Thanks easky.
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    Another longtail WG/GBWG 1/2 and 1/2

    Fantastic tying. ?
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    Daiwa signature spin price

    If you are thinking of selling send me a pm please.
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    Piglet Shrimp

    Lovely fly.?
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    Black golden pheasant.

    Thanks. BTW I think your right about it been the new jungle cock.
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    Black golden pheasant.

    Has anyone got an up to date supplier for golden pheasant skins dyed black? Struggling to quality golden pheasant skins for a while now.
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    Bann Special

    Silver hook looks fantastic. ??
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    Black tail Bann Special

    Very nice variation. ??
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    Where to buy fox masks.

    Looking to buy some fox masks if anyone could advise where they are to be got.
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    A Tay Shrimp Collection - The Black Arts

    Lovely tying. Thanks for sharing.
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    A selection of shrimps designed by Ally Gowan

    Fantastic collection of flies.
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    A few pics of this season.

    Well done. Lovely fish you have caught.