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    Broken Hardy Favourite Spinning Rod

    I shut the top section of my Hardy Favourite graphite spinning rod in the car door. 10' 10-50 grms. Any ideas how I can get a replacement?
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    Double hooks for flying c's

    Does anyone use doubles on their flying c's? My normal supplier says he's never been asked for this before. If so can anyone recommend a hook? Thanks
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    Greys X Flite 13'' 8#

    Greys X Flite 13'' 8# salmon rod. Very little use. £150 delivered.
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    Greys Greyflex Spin 11' 15-45g Spin Rod

    Greys Greyflex Spin 11' 15-45gm Spin Rod 3 piece in rod bag but no tube. Very little use. £70 delivered (so long as mainland UK and not remote Scotland)
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    New Pflueger President 2882 7/8 Fly Reel

    Pflueger President 2882 7/8 Fly Reel Never used alas no box Offers
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    Bloke XL50 15' 5 Piece

    Bloke XL50 15' 5 Piece Salmon Rod Used but good condition £70
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    Loop Multi 9/12 Reel

    Loop Multi 9/12 salmon reel for sale. £100 including mainland UK delivery. Includes backing and in original box with instructions and pouch. Some very minor scratches on rim but it has been very lightly used (probably no more than 8 times).
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    Greys x Flite 15ft 10 rated

    I recently broke one of the sections on my Grey's x Flite 15ft No 10 (second section from tip). Have spoken to Grey's re a replacement but unfortunately they only have spares for the other sections and it's now discontinued. I know it's a long shot but does anyone have one?
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    thinking of fishing the Newtyle beat this coming week. Any advice as to prospects. Thanks
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    Rod Carrier

    Looking to buy a rod carrier suitable for a Toyota Corolla. Will only be used on the odd occasion and not sure if magnetic or vacuum is best?
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    Wye Springer

    Took this 40 inch Wye Springer from the Courtfield beat on Sunday and lost another similar sized fish, both on flying C.
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    Wye - Bigsweir (Hopkinsons)

    Anyone interested in sharing the cost of fishing Bigsweir (Hopkinsons) at some point? £50 per day which works out at £25 each.
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    Unlocking reel seat

    The locking reel seat on my Grey's X Flite 15' double hander is locked solid. any advise for unscrewing it?
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    Casting tuition

    Can anyone recommend a casting instructor who is prepared to give tuition on either the lower Wye or Usk.
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    Life jacket

    Looking to buy a lifejacket for wading. Any advice welcome.