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    Lune 2021

    Love the pics Dave, when I worked for EA fisheres we had a small lockup up the road from there at Hornby,. On days I had to be there for 8am , I'd get threre 5.00am or 5 30am, being a member of PAAS as well as other clubs/syndicates, I'd nail a couple couple on fly mainly just below the bridge...
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    A couple off the Findhorn

    Well done, a fine days fishing.
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    Eden 2021

    Some other nice Jerry's caught higher up today too.
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    Love the pattern and love your tying SnapT. It's a shame featherwings are underrated these days. Whilst I agree the more mobile the fly and materials the better in a good current a small feather wing fluttering looks as life like as any fur wing.
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    A Willy Waddy

    I like that FP, love waddys.
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    Garry Dowg........

    Lovely tying SnapT, great proportions to a classic fly. I love the pattern and whilst a lot of the newer modern patterns are derived from it I still love it. It's the fly my late Grandfather caught his first on fly on...
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    The Willie Gunn Shrimp

    Lovely that SnapT! Perfect proportions
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    River Tyne 2021

    Absolute Stunning fish Nath, absolutely stunning. An April English Springer is enough to make anyone season.... well effing done!!!
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    Cheap Samon Net.

    I'd agree with this, we are all willing to pay small fortunes on rods, reels, lines, rivers,beats, permits, membership yet some want to scrimp on the important bits of kit. My late Grandfather thought me the same, he had an old friend who lost a fish of a life time when it bent a cheap net...
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    Ribble 2021

    Steve I didnt realise people outside Darren's family and closest friends were going to his funeral, thought it was the limited 15 still (or is it now 30?) Due to Covid restrictions else I'd have paid my respects. I enquired whether its was broadcast online but was informed it wasnt. Sounds like...
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    Rivers Taw and Mole 2021

    You should move across the hill near to me in Clitheroe, that kind of behaviour is welcomed!
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    'Colours of Cascade and Mallard'

    Absolutely stunning, I'd fish that all day long (for Salar) and all night long (for Trutta) I love it.
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    Wee waddingtons

    Crackers those JS, love em.
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    Off the mark!

    Very nice Tony, cracker!
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    Lovely tying Timmins, a staple fish catcher!