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    Wye 2021

    What a terrible accident, I've no knowledge of the man but as a fellow piscator I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.
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    A wee one from tonight

    Well done, a cracking storey and fish!
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    Kipper bashers

    Some nice tying there Timmins.
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    Autumnal Waddington

    Love that JS, don't think it needs JC. Would probably spoil it!
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    Ribble 2021

    Me too, I'll send you a PM Rob S
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    Ribble 2021

    The Boulevard as it's known is at Frenchwood, downstream right bank a couple hundred yards from London Road Bridge Walton-le-Dale Preston, it's well above the docks. Upstream of Avenham Park. The River Darwen enters on the opposite bank. Though shallow it used to hold a lot of fish in low water...
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    Name the UK rivers that you have caught a salmon from....(this is not a who's got the biggest ego competition)....just an interesting one

    Irt Cumbrian Esk Ehen Eden Derwent Annan South Tyne North Tyne Lune Ribble Moy
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    Lune 2021

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    Lune 2021

    Dear Mr Eel, you have fished Halton Top Beat before, remember when I lent you a pair of chesties with a 'wee pin prick' hole in them to get to the rocks? That was Halton Top. If you fish it there make sure you have waders without holes lol. Seriously, your probably best fishing Prawn from the...
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    Usk 2021

    Well done Sewinfy, nothing dark about prawn/shrimp fishing. An art in itself.
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    Go to fly for peaty rivers?

    For me it's the Verminator, there is something about pearl over copper with hot orange Palmered body hackle in peaty water..
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    Grace's shrimp

    Nice looking fly that, I like purple on Irish type shrimp flys
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    Mounting small prawns

    I agree with the above, single prawn/shrimp for me, even small ones though others favour two. Personally I've found small single prawns often out fish larger baits.
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    Recent trip

    Well done McAndy and Co, a nice mixture of clean ish summer fish, coloured residents and grilse. Good angling to catch all variations!
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    Rest of the 18's

    Superb tying, especially considering the size