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    bugging me

    Hi Mike, It depends on the size of the hook but usually either 2.8mm or 3.2mm. I hope that helps mate. Ryan
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    bugging me

    I use little bead head salmon flies on single to great success. Nothing like a little tungsten bead on the top of a Kamasan B175 to give you an edge, especially when using a floating or intermediate line - the extra weight gets the fly fishing at the right depth almost as soon as the it touches...
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    flies for farleyer

    hi all i am on farleyer at the end of september and was wondering what flies are good and in which sizes, any advice would be greatly appreciated atb ryan
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    UPPER FARLEYER 25th and the 26th of september

    hi lads i was wondering does anybody on here wish to buy two rods for the above dates on the above beat, if you do take the rods you will be fishing with my good self and my uncle. we are coming over from ireland and are well up for a bit of a laugh,we will be fly fishing and so a fellow fly...
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    winston 10' 7 wt boron IIx

    my friendwants to sell a 10' winston and was wondering if i could put it up here the rod has been used 6 times the metal rod tube is a bit worn but the rod is lovely and looks new. the rod is going for 300 euro and will be posted anywhere in ireland or uk. anyone interested pm me. atb ryan
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    easky last saturday

    hey guys on easky last saturday no fish for me but there was two fish got between about ten or twelve people! had 2 sea trout tho looking from the neck of the laundry down looking up the rock pool tail of sandhole and the top the bridge pool nice river not cheap though atb ryan
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    easky gold shrimp

    Easky gold shrimp Dressing threads: white and fl fire orange tail: golden pheasant wound bodies: oval gold wound middle hackle: orange cock front hackle: red cock cheeks: jc roofed bed hook and add tag tie in gp tail neaten the tail add oval gold and complete rear body tie in orange...
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    currane 08

    On saturday the 12th of july me and my uncle left our home in wicklow for lough currane co kerry we left at five in the morn and were fishing at eleven our gillie brought us to a good drift and we were in for a two hour bonanza six sea trout before 1 oclock lunchtime five of which fell to my...
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    rod question

    my friend was wondering what you boys would reccommend hes lookin for a 14 foot rod with a tip action and slim blank any ideas? atb ryan
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    my favourites

    here are a few of my flies the McCormicks shrimp a dyed orange badger mccormicks a wilkinson a yellow shrimp a mourne shrimp(i think) more to follow any advice is welcome atb ryan
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    grilse rods

    hi guys i was wondering what rod you would recommend between 11ft and 12t and it would be a double hander. any advice would be much appreciated.
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    river advice

    hi all, im salmon fishing the tay at upper farleyer on the thursday 25th and friday 26th of september 2008 and then the spey at tulchan on monday 29th and tuesday 30th and we have two free days i.e. sat and sunday and sun is closed in scotland so thats a rest day,but on the sat i was wondering...
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    some patterns

    Hi all, could someone post dressings and/or photos of the nessc and does anyone no the dressing for michael evans tailfire any info would be much appreciated. atb ryan