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    Packham and his Platform

    It would be interesting to know what percentage of Packham's earnings come from the BBC. If he isn't an employee I'd love to know how they manage to treat him as a freelance.
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    Best salmon (fly) fishing around Letterkenny?

    Hi all, if I plan to go and see my brother who lives just outside Letterkenny, when is the best time of year to take a rod with me (preferably fly fishing) and which river/s should I be looking at? Thanks for any answers in anticipation.
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    Airflo Scandi Compact

    Thanks all. I went for the 600. They have three left now.
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    Airflo Scandi Compact

    My quandary is which one of the two Chris? I've weighed the 3D F/H/I that was actually given to me by Stein Thorvaldsen (who used to be the MD of Guideline) and it weighs 37 grams or (assuming Google is correct) 571 grains. My gut feeling is to go for the 600 but I'm not experienced enough to...
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    Airflo Scandi Compact

    I bought one of these for my 13’ Oracle Spey and love it. In the unlikely event I can find one, what weight would I need for my three-piece 14’ LPXe?
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    Oracle Spey 13' 8/9

    In the absence of any recommendations, I took a punt on a 480 grain Scandi Compact from Airflo at a bargain £24.99. So, for anyone in the same situation that I was, having used it I can happily say it's a great combination. Only problem is that Airflo seem to have discontinued the head now!
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    What´s peoples opinion on the daiwa wilderness xt rods

    Revisiting this thread as a friend has the chance of a 13' Wilderness at a very good price. How would it compare to my 13' Oracle Spey? He works in a primarily coarse fishing tackle shop that has a Daiwa account but not a Pure Fishing account.
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    River Ure - Abbey Beat

    We saw signs at Thorseby. I had another enquiry that didn't develop, my fishing pal lost one and we saw five leap.
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    River Ure - Abbey Beat

    The smile is heavily fuelled by the fact that the last three salmon I hooked (Lambley last September) all came off. This time everything went right. Made a fantastic change. 😀
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    River Ure - Abbey Beat

    It's an amazing piece of water. Very close to Aysgarth Falls.
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    River Ure - Abbey Beat

    Not the Abbey Beat but Thoresby today. All thanks to MCX of this Parish!
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    River Tyne 2021

    So how much salmon fishing do PAAS have? It isn't apparent on their website, the waters seem to be listed in the member's area.
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    River Tyne 2021

    Cuda, you’re fair local to me. What are PAAS beats?
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    Any recommendations on Polarised Glasses?

    I'm very late to this party but have a pair of Maui Jim Hopkaai, a pair of Costa 580 and a pair of Oakleys with interchangeable lenses. The Maui are the lightest and most comfortable but the versatility of the interchangeable tint lenses on the Oakleys makes them the best buy if you are going...
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    Fly fishing in iceland

    I'm a salmon fishing novice so I'll refrain from commenting on the pair's casting skill (or Robson's apparent lack of it). However, the editing and continuity is appalling. I lost count of the number of times the rods were mounted and then not mounted on the car during the driving sequences in...