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    C F Marco polo vice kit

    Hi guys. Has anyone tried one of these vises with salmon size flies or holding the hmh tube fly tool? I like the look of the system and wondered if its only for small hooks realistically. Cheers. Rod
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    Cheap VersiTips

    Just a quick step by step for any penny pinchers out there in need of some 15ft sink tips. Made a bunch tonight for my dad. At pushing 70 and only spey casting for a couple of years he uses skagit for everything! Loads the rod, covers the water.... Job done. But he does go through T17 mow tips...
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    Frodins salar salmon club

    I'm always looking for tying inspiration and came across frodins salad salmon club. £15 to join with hints of lots of patterns to try. Has anyone joins it? Is it worth the brass? Cheers. Rod
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    Cheap red light

    Just posted a line question in another thread and realised its been a while since I added anything useful. Sea troutings finished now, but here's my tip for a cheap light which fits snugly in your mouth ( a La uncle fester) while sorting out fish and knots in the dark. 1) £2.50 LED torch from...
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    From Rio AFS to scandi versitip?

    Hi folks. I thought I had lines and weights understood, but after looking at the Rio catalogue it seems I'm as confused as many others have been in previous threads. I'm using a Shakespeare oracle spey 13ft rated 8/9. Its working very well with the AFS 9/10 38gram. I fancy trying a 15ft tip...
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    Northern Ireland Car hire?

    Hi folks. Can anyone help with cheap car hire from or around Derry airport? I've got some fishing planned but the car hires causing a few issues. I think I've searched the major outlets, with the regular fees below... Small care hire for the week = £100 Additional driver (needed) = + £90...
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    Rio kahuna

    Could any helpful soul point me in the direction of some Rio kahuna or similar please. It's basically a bag tie / twisty made of brightly coloured foam. A cheaper alternative would be even better. But I can't find bright foam covered versions anywhere. Cheers. Rod
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    Rod, Reels bits and bobs for sale

    Hi guys, My purge of tackle must go on. 1) Lamson Velocity 4 Nickel. Boxed with all paperwork and guarantee. Absolutely mint, as new. £200 2) Airflo Skagit switch 540 grain, boxed mint as new £20 3) Rio AFS Outbound 7/8 460 grains. Used but only very occasionally and really is almost...
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    Tackle for sale

    Had a few financial disasters this month so unfortunately some tackle has to go. I live in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, where rods can be played with before buying  Prices include insured postage on rods and no silly PayPal gift rubbish. First is my minted atom six tachyon, 7ft6 3wt with a spare...
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    capes advice please

    Hi guys, I need a few capes and can't get to a shop to see them in person. Does anyone know who has good ones at the moment? I'm after.... Yellow Hot orange Natural badger Furnace All for salmon flies. Hot orange and badger I think Lakeland but they don't have yellow in stock. I'm after good...
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    single handed afs

    Well its been a while since I posted anything interesting so I thought I'd share my recent meddlings with an afs 10/11 head. My old head was cracked and mended with aquasure in so many places it really was worthless, but after reading an article on the guideline website by granbo I decided to...
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    man made or synthetic materials

    Following on from amAnglings post showing a synthetic fly. I'd like to know what, if any, people consider to be a good suitable alternative in fly tying. Veniards streamer wing is a great dubbing, and adds a flash in the wing like other synthetics. Slf is also great dubbing but there could be...
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    rio afs 8/9 brand new for swap

    Hi folks. I got a rio afs 8/9 for Christmas but really need a 9/10. Is there anyone in the opposite same boat who'd like to swap my 8/9 for 9/10. Cheers. Rod
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    The waste I create!

    I think its quite amazing the amount of waste I make when tying flees. I keep thinking ill sift through it some time and create some funky dubbing.... I just never get around to it. For me, arctic fox is by far the worst culprit (after me obviously). my method seems to be to cut off twice as...
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    some wee tubes

    Wincing at the price of salmon hooks and fancying trying something else, I thought I'd have a go at fishing only with tubes next year. The small sizes are causing me some confidence issues, but I've had a crack. Taking inspiration from Klops, smolt and many others. Some cascade variants tied on...