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    It's only just begun.

    Must run in the snp leadership
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    Droppers - love or loath them?

    Once upon a time many moons ago I wouldn't go salmon fishing without a dropper, I even recall one guy who would fish 3 flies at a time and didn't have any better success or lack off. I still use a dropper but not as often, I have stopped using them in low water, I have had a few incidences with...
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    Another Scottish lockdown

    The most sensible post I have seen regarding travel and co19 in many months. Well said and I for one am in total agreement
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    Upstream mend

    Downstream mend if any, the only time I would even consider an upstream mend is in cold water during spring or Autumn. Upstream Mending for summer grilse especially grinds my gears. Get pace in the fly and trigger that predatory response and get them up on their fins chasing the fly, or...
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    Head injuries in sport

    Talking about head injuries, if it was not for the halo device on f1 cars god knows what would of happened to Romain Grosjean. Horrible accident. 😬 turned my stomach watching it live.
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    River Findhorn

    Mu thoughts exactly 😂
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    Plans for 2021

    I have nothing against kipper bashing, done my fare share of it and still do, just no longer make plans for the autumn and book on short notice during September/october. what I am against is November nursery fishing 😋
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    Plans for 2021

    Personally I'm hanging back a little on any plans, vaccine or no vaccine, this christmas relaxation and the logistics involved in distribution of the vaccine I fear 2021 will still be a odd year with covid-19 still having a little bite left. Spring fishing involving any travel I have binned...
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    Covid Vaccine... Well would you ??

    I would do it, if only to get us some sense of normality quicker
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    A few rivers ,mates and a Salmon or two

    Enjoyed that. Thank you ??
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    Strangest thing youve seen fishing?

    A cow swam past me once. On another occasion another angler went swimming off downstream, having said that he was in my favourite pool so he got what he deserved ?
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    Nith fish today

    Was it on redds when you hooked it by Any chance. Only kidding, solid fish, well done, although it will not be long before he is doing a bit of fertilizing
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    Alness end of season

    I remember a friend getting one out of that pot you mention, he fell in whilst playing it but managed to both get out and land the fish, I couldn't help as i was rolling about on the bridge in tears
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    Alness end of season

    The thing that got me was that I could catch an overhanging tree on my own bank ? and still couldn't bloody retrieve the fly ?. You are right about pool na poach. It could do with being 20/30ft longer, useless in high water. Aggies bridge is another funny one, always feel I should get more from...
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    Locked Down Tweed ?

    I think you are Why is he????