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    Wanted: Danielsson/ Tibor reel

    Thanks, mirage is lovely but more than I’m looking to spend
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    Wanted: Danielsson/ Tibor reel

    After a danielsson l5w or similar to match a 13’6” zephrus. Would also consider a tibor in green/ gold, possibly other reels also. Pm me a price if you have anything that may be of interest. Thanks, Ryan
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    Danielsson L5W or similar

    After the above reel or similar, after selling my Hatch. Please pm any offers. thanks, Ryan
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    Hatch Finatic 9+

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    Hatch Finatic 9+

    Reel now available again
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    Hatch Finatic 9+

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    Gaelforce ESH 42g

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    Hardy zephrus 14’6

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    Hardy Zephrus 14’6

    Reluctantly selling my 14’6 zephrus due to my 4 month old son taking up most of my fishing time! The rod was purchased new last season and is in very good condition. Comes complete with original tube, stoppers and bag. Fantastic rod but I’m clearing all my stuff bar my 13’6 outfit. Can include a...
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    Mackenzie Atlas 11'4

    After the above Atlas switch rod. Please pm if you're looking to sell one in good condition. Cheers, Ryan
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    Guideline NT8 12’9 7/8 6 piece

    With regret, I’m selling my 12’9 7/8 6 piece Guideline NT8. The rod needs no introduction as reviews have been excellent all round. I’ve used the rod 3 times for a couple of hours at a time and it’s an absolute gem. Unfortunately, the fact that I’ve had so little opportunity to use a rod of this...
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    Gaelforce EMT multi tip 36g

    After the above line. Please pm if you have one you’d be happy to part with! Cheers, Ryan
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    Loop Cross S1 9140

    Loop Cross S1 14ft 9wt in good condition. Only selling as I’ve bought a 13’6 zephrus to fish alongside my 14’6. Comes complete with bag and tube. £375 posted
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    30g integrated SH Rio, Gaelforce, Barrio

    Before buying new, I thought I would ask if anyone has one of the above integrated floating shooting heads in 7/8 or 30g that isn’t being used. It’s for for a guideline nt8 12’9 7/8. PM if you have anything lying about. Many thanks, Ryan
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    First of the season

    Put in a good few cold days at Ladykirk this spring with one single pull to keep me interested. It’s been hard so far this year with high levels and few fish seen... and after losing one on beat 3 on Saturday morning, the rod was nearly sent for a swim. However, it was nice to finally see a few...