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    The River Drowes

    If i was living that close definately a season ticket. The second picture is of the blackwater pool in lareen estate.
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    Duck Feathers

    Teal breast feathers.
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    Staff lanyard

    Make your own.[/ATTACH] The red lanyard components will probably be the easiest to source. Two split rings and a heavy duty swivel. Don't know where i got the clip on the stick but could be easily shaped in your garage or shed. Two pop rivets hold it on as the wading stick is tubular...
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    e-bay site search

    Lately,whenever i try to access ebay via the search box on the forum, i get a site blocked message from my anti virus that the page is malicious. Anybody else getting this? I can access ebay by any other external link. I like to use this link to ebay as i believe the forum gets a small donation...
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    Partridge and drury Hooks.

    Clearing out surplus doubles and trebles. Partridge: 10 x2b size 6 £4 +p&p 20 x2b size 8 £8 + p&p 13 code q size 6 low water £6+p&p 10 code q size 8 £4+p&p 9 hf outbarb doubles size 6...
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    Rio afs 9/10

    Am looking for the above afs head in floating if anyone has one surplus.
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    Assorted Salmon Hooks

    I have the following hooks which are surplus to requirement, eg too large . Partridge 10 code x2b sz 6, 20 code x2b sz 8, 13 code Q sz 6, 10 code Q sz 8, 9 code hf sz 6 out barb. E Drury 17...
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    Wheatley fly box

    I have a 1402f wheatley flybox for sale. 4 3/4" x3 1/2" swing leaf. Unused still in cardboard sleeve. £15 plus postage at cost. SOLD
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    Moyola red shrimp

    Would anyone have the dressing for Moyola red shrimp? Did a quick search but nothing came up.
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    Tube fly box

    Wheatley tube fly box for sale. 5 compartment,clear perspex leaf & foam in lid. Good condition, little use. £15 +P&P SOLD