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    First Irish salmon 2021

    It's legit by all accounts and not the first. Caught in Kerry
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    Fresh fish

    A Kerry fish caught today (not me!)
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    Killing classic flies and spinners on the Slaney (in 1933 / 34)

    Great history there! In Cork at least, collie is another name for minnow. Used to love going down to the river beside our old family farm on the Argideen, catch a few collies with a hand net, put them in a glass jar filled with water, watch them for a while and put them back again. Simple...
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    Best sunglasses, for UK, River fishing

    Costa 580G copper lens silver mirror. Great on sunny days and the glass doesn't scratch. Bought a pair in 2012 and only had to have them repaired in 2019. Wear them a lot for work also so can say they are very durable as long as you look after them. This year, for lower light conditions, I...
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    The River Drowes

    Haven't updated that blog in a while! ? The Drowse is a great river which is very professionally run by Shane and Bill. As Her says, try fishing from the Lodge down. We found 0.7/0.8m to be a lovely height for the fly and spinner up there. Beautiful fishing around the Lennox's Bridge area...
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Happy with my season on the Bandon but it had its challenges with conditions and Covid. Signs that April, May and June fish numbers running the river held up relatively well but hard to accurately assess with Covid. Fishing took off in July with very god grilse numbers in pristine condition...
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Same on the Bandon. Backend runs in 2009 and 2010 of fresh, sea liced fish, averaging 7-10lb with the real chance of a 20lber, had to be seen to be believed. Hard to imagine now. The beginning of a change in run timing. We just didn't know it.
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Odd few here and there it seems, as usual, but haven't seen any evidence of a sustained run anywhere. Yet...
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Try sparsely tied orange/red/purple Ally Shrimps, gold bodied Willie Gunns, Stoats Tail, Snaeldas, Francis. Tied on small half inch tubes or double hooks in sz 10 to 14 and you won't go too far wrong.
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    As fresh as I could manage on Sunday!! ? Fish mostly dour as per usual for August. Few fresh fish still coming. Seems to have slowed down compared to 2 to 3 weeks ago but hard to gauge just now with all this water. A run of fresh September fish would be amazing and could well happen ?
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Some fresh fish still running the Bandon with a few caught on Sunday to 7lb. Are fresh fish still being met in other rivers or has the run slowed down?
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Some great fishing lads. Well done!!
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    River Bandon

    It's been a funny oul season with the recent resumption of fishing! Got off the mark Tuesday with a beauty, taken on a small GB cascade. Exciting to watch grilse chasing a Sunray Shadow but no hook up. Some real nice fish still running and grilse making more of an appearance now. Water has...
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    Catch Stats 2018

    Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Statistics Report 2018 - Inland Fisheries Ireland