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    Scottish Cricket

    Is anyone else following the T20 preliminaries? Scotland beat Bangladesh a couple of days back, today they are about to beat Papua New Guinea and on Thursady are playing Oman. They should get through to the final 12 when they will be facing the big guns ... England, India, S Africa and more.
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    Waiting time for AA recovery.

    Time for a complaint to the AA ... demand compensation for the mis-mamagement. You may need to settle for a year's free membership, but always worth trying. I recently hammered a courier company about their mess - £50 of vouchers arrived!
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    Scotland World Cup Qualifying

    That is the problem with a lot of British/UK national sporting teams - getting 100% effort. Fortunately Scotland managed it. England last night treated it as a walk in the park - it should have been double figures.
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    Scotland World Cup Qualifying

    So, in an England v France match - football or rugby, or England v Netherlands in football or cricket, who do you support? As I am English with a little Scots from way back, it will be Scotland or Wales everytime unless playing England! And I will support anyone who is playing against...
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    Ballbearing swivels

    Maybe I should start selling some of the original George Middleton ones - around 500 of them sitting here.
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    Howay the Lads

    That bulk pack includes a couple of presents for Sunderland and Celtic supporters too. Certainly cannot see teh Toon Army wearing a red and white one
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    Fine per Fish petition

    This is, I believe from reading the badly worded petition, an increase in fines for killing fish through polution or corporation action/inaction.
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    Who's Happy with Brexit Now ?

    It was not a throw away remark either ... I have negotiated contracts with European entites, the biggest of which was worth well over £1Bn and when you get to that level, there is not much differenc between £1Bn and £100Bn.
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    Who's Happy with Brexit Now ?

    The biggest issue with the negotiations was Theresa May and here "deal" as well as disclosing her redlines or negotiation limits. She gave so much information away to the EU tha there was no way we would be able to negotiate properly. And to be honest, I could have probably done a better...
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    Who's Happy with Brexit Now ?

    Problem will be that as the dust dies down, the remoaners will find some lame excuse to kick it up again.
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    Estimated weight

    Measure the width of her hand across the lower knucles, fairly accurately to 0.1" and then use that to work out the length of the fish and estimated girth. Reply with the three measurements - from that and estimate will be much easier.
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    50 lb ?

    Hard to tell, but it will have lost weight whilst in the river and I would suggest probably not hitting 50lb. It may have been when fresh, being anywhere from 45 to 55 but not now. THat would be my take.
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    Extreme selfishness

    Likewise. I drove through Oldham, Middleton and several more suburbs of Mancheter twice yesterday and noticed just one petrol station closed. The rest had no queues, just maybe 4 or 5 cars waiting which is, to me, quite normal. I did note that prices are typically 5-10p dearer than...
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    Castle Grant Beat 1

    Upper CG is leased to the Strathspey Angling Association, although from memory, at times the estate did lease it privately for some of teh time. CG1 has not, as far as I can remember, been anything but a private beat.
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    Castle Grant Beat 1

    No, and even then posting it the day before Lionels funeral, it was still an unnecesary comment.