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    River alness disease

    Unfortunately it's probably the same problem as last year which has affected lots of northern rivers. They suggested it was a feeding issue at sea but that wouldn't really explain why some rivers are unaffected
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    River Thurso

    It's low. Loads of fish in the tide launching out the water but needing a flush of water
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    BBC slavery article

    Tribes didn't sell anyone?? The article quotes, 'we traded people from 1500-1900s and in Ghana the Ashanti made a lot of money selling to the Portuguese. The white person didn't come and steal people. It was a trade.
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    BBC slavery article

    Sorry but that's nonsense. The tribes who sold slaves didn't sell 'their people'. They sold other tribes considered inferior. Within a tribal system that's as close as you will get to racist. I was surprised by the tone of the article as the journalist to all intents and purposes defended...
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    Anyone seen comet neowise?

    Looking West Fri meant to be the best day but we're due cloud
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    Maxcatch Classic Reel

    As mentioned above I have had issues with the reel seat loosening as the screws are under and not top down. Some superglue seems to have resolved the issue. Still happy with it as a line holder.
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    River Thurso

    Just locals so far
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    airflo polyleaders

    Never underestimate the maxima.
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    Thurso 2020

    You can only fish half a day on one ticket. The price used to be £35 so £40 doesnt surprise me. I'm not sure if it's open to visitors yet, think it's from 15th
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    Spring salmon

    Personally I don't think any salmon is harder to catch but it helps at end of the season there are more in the system to catch.
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    Replacement for a barrio slx

    Sold, pm me details to transfer you some pennies.
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    Replacement for a barrio slx

    OK, so I'm currently using a 240grain #7 slx on my trout spey rod. The coating has all come off portions of the running line so I'm looking for a new line. I would go with barrio again but he's all out of stock and the running line issue has put me off a little. What intermediate lines can...
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    How much distance are folk setting the dropper from the point. I always think I'm being too generous with the distance
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    On the dangle

    At least you know your flies moving well in the water
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    5 : 2 Diet

    Covid19 has led to some interesting looks into nutrition. Sugars in all forms appear to be worse then previously thought. Glucose, sucrose and fructose should be limited. If your food has more than five ingredients or you cant tell what an ingredient is leave it on the shelf.