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    Fishing vest/life

    Tight as you can till you look like a bag of chaff tied in the middle with belly and moobs flapping in the breeze...😂😂. How tight to to fit a crotch strap is according to a gentleman’s preference 😂😂 I’ve only ever triggered an auto life jacket in the water once when I fell off a Kayak. Bloody...
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    Fishing vest/life

    I have one of those too, bought after watching a Swedish guide jump into the pool at Jockfall to rescue one of our party who had fallen in. Not for the faint hearted that. That lad swore by it, that’s good enough for me. They are light, unobtrusive and well worth the money even if all you did...
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    Simms Tributary stockingfoot Waders and Boots

    Crap. Buy something else. Vision IKONs if still available are similarly priced and way better. I’ve gone through 2 sets of tributary waders in no time. The boots are passable but that’s all.
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    The Appeal of the Willie Gunn

    Dunno Rennie but Munster Blackwater fish love them. The simpler the better really, no need for JC here, simple size 12 and 14 patterns plain, red or green butt hammer fish all season long. Couple of springers below from last week or two on a size 12 and a pic of what’s left of it.
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    Shakespeare 11ft swich rod .. what line

    The Snowbee XS switch 7/8 and the oracle 8/9 switch line itself both work really well on this rod combined with a 5’ poly leader. Everyone shouts about the Barrio lines and to be fair they are brilliant but there do seem to be supply issues and there are very viable alternatives.
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    How do you treat your tackle on the bank?

    Double hander gets put together in February and aside from the 3-4 trips a week to the river lives halved in two, line threaded in a state of perpetual readiness in the passenger footwell in the car till October. It’s a tool, it gets treated as such and gets a good clean and a rest at the end...
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    Intergrated shooting head

    Completely agree, it takes a bit of extra weight to bring the best out of that rod.
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    I’d agree with this. I ordered a Proberos reel from Wish intending to put it with an unused oracle switch I wanted to offload as an outfit and was hugely surprised by the quality. I liked it so much I’m keeping it and it can live on my Hardy jet switch instead. Spot on about line ratings...
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    Hardy Jet Sintrix switch

    I’m very much looking forward to tying it in knots shortly 😂. I had a smile on my face as wide as the river within a cast or two, just an absolute joy to fish with.
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    Hardy Jet Sintrix switch

    I thought myself a 4/5 rating might be a bit silly but having had a good play, I think within reason, where I fish it should be ok. The proof of the pudding will be in the catching, Cannot get over just how much fun this little thing is to use and how well it performs. Some set ups just work...
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    Hardy Jet Sintrix switch

    Picked up an unused 10’6 4/5 weight on a whim from a classifieds site in winter for a couple of hundred euro. It came with a matching Barrio switch line. Hadn’t really much of an idea as to what it would be like but took a punt on it as couldn’t go wrong at the price. Well, to say I was...
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    Shakespeare switch discontinued

    Agree. The matching oracle switch line to the 8/9 rod I found worked best with the head indicator level with the butt ring and a 5’ poly. Worked really really well that way. Did feel a bit heavy alright with the whole head out the tip ring but with that tweak, casting and turnover was super.
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    Covid and salmon licence

    I don’t doubt it, too many stories of it to be an urban myth. No way in hell I’d be paying it though, to issue a fine to a fella fishing for having his license in his bag, car or whatever rather than specifically on his person, well that’s utterly ridiculous and I’d be more than happy to take...
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    Covid and salmon licence

    I’d be taking my chances in court before I’d be paying any fine for that. I’ve heard those stories too, any of the fisheries lads and ladies I’ve ever met have been sound and not had any problems.
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    River Deel - Mayo

    Proper helpful reply, nice one Robbie.