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    did you have to pay import tax?
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    A few more squirrel tail shrimps

    So good where di you get the black/yellow squirrel from
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    Osprey Scandinavian Salmon Double Hooks SOLD

    50 size 6 50 size 8 50 size 10 10 size 12 10 size 14 very similar to magnis black £90 all in delivered pm for details SOLD
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    Park and Calvin's doubles

    whats the black dubbing/wool you use?
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    Could you tell me if that's ferox

    call it what you want, it's a lovely troot
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    Pike precautions built into your tippets

    Afw micron supreme knottable wire. Dont be tempted to think you'll get away with flourocarbon.
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    Recent Flamethrowers

    Like the blue, good tapering on the wing
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    Why are some rivers known for Salmon and the others Grilse?

    A difficult marine environment is as rational an explanation as any. Most rivers have lost their big specimens. Why some rivers still have the big ones ia a mystery. Maybe the gravel size theory is a good one. Maybe some strains of salmon migrate to better feeding grounds.
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    Cheap bottle tubes

    Put a link up cant find them
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    Thoughts About Trolling

    Trolling and harling is ace fun.
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    Cormorant attack

    I think the rainbow fisheries have a lot to answer for. Loads of daft bows easy to catch resulting in huge clutches of cormorants.
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    Cormorant attack

    Check this out from 45 mins
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    Hooks for Rapala/110 copies.

    I like an eagle claw tay rigged, owners seem too heavy
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    Which club to join

    Sounds like a good atmosphere
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    Boat engine

    Easy to get parts for yammies. Honda still the best though.