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    Vaccine is here but why us?

    What he said. Let's have some nationall pride. I see Fauci has now apologised for questioning our stringency in getting this roled out. Well done UK Government I say. Oscar.
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    I suspect there's some truth in that given EU bureaucracy. Or are we just generally more efficient?
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    who can make me 60 gram Flying Cs??

    As I've said before, thesde are the best Flying Cs on the market, bar none. Oscar.
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    One for the Road Racing Fans!

    Even with a vaccine rolled out by then, which it should be? Seems shortsighted and will plunge the Manx economy into pretty dire straits. Oscar.
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    One for the Road Racing Fans!

    Not a clever decision IMHO.
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    Tyne is a good shout, although I wasn't convinced with their water. Some nice pools, but also some poor stretches. Maybe Lambley also on S Tyne. Dumfries and Galloway has some niuce fishing - Nith, Annan, etc. - but also some cracking lesser know fishing such as the Cree and Water of Minnoch...
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    Covid Vaccine... Well would you ??

    For the same reason as PP and Elibank - Type 1 diabetic (although a bit younger than Elibank!) - I would, yes, like a shot. Fed up of not being able to go out for a bevvie, or see my old man (70 a few weeks ago) and my Grandma (100 a month ago) or the rest of the family on the Isle of Man (which...
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    Cottage with salmon fishing

    Never fished it, but I suspect with water it would fish well. Oscar.
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    PC threshold

    Totally agree with this - mock offence is a (possibly the) real issue, particularly so in respect of a third party. Oscar.
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    Alness end of season

    I’ve had one out of Aggie’s pool, near the tail, but seen more in the small pot below. Love the pool because my daughter is called Aggie!
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    Alness end of season

    I love the Alness, but does anybody else just get that feeling you should catch more, or at least get more takes? The pools just seem so fishy you expect a pull every cast. Just tried to look on the website to reacquaint myself with pool names but not the best malls have been taken down...
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    Old Man's River

    Private Beat on the Thurso? Not fished it but it looks a doddle to fish compared to other parts of the river. Oscar
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    River Dionard

    Lucky you. Thought it was dead men’s shoes up there, and on the Helmsdale! Or are you a spirit?! Oscar.
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    Magnet Fishing

    I actually think it would be great fun! I think you have to have that treasure hunter instinct to find this kind of thing exciting, the thought of not knowing what might come out of the water is kind of thrilling. To me at least! On the Thurso last year, there was an odd looking red rope going...
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    Simms mesh one is great. Oscar