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    Salmon are like Buses - - - -

    Spill the beans and tell the tale you could be deid next week.
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    Whatever Next

    Thanks really enjoyed your article there is always next year to look forward too (y)
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    Another wading jacket thread......looking for alternatives to Simms

    I've had the G3 for 9 years now and its still the dogs ******** superb bit of kit(y) over the years I have had many a jacket and Simms kit is the best on the market by a country mile IMO;). Remember the old saying buy cheap buy twice :)
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    1 in a Million

    Fantastic to here fish are that far up the system.
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    Ghillie Required

    I prefer Simms ?
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    Thanks TowySewin - great couple of days on the Eachaig

    I also took up the kind offer from TS and fished 4 days from the Tuesday-Friday at the beginning of the month. The Tuesday was the same day we got the biblical rain and the rest and be thankful got blocked that afternoon with another huge landslide. I started on the bottom beat beat on the...
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    Doggy Photo's

    Jura's Thoughts IF he doesnt get a move on and catch something,it will be the chippy in Inveraray again tonight ?
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    Hell of a time lately

    I assume your nickname isn't Lucky :)
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    A Few Wee One's From Tonight

    enjoy and tight lines where are you off too?
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    Thanks for the update big mate had 9 days on the beats and only managed 2 and lost a few not good news at this time of season.
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    Full week available, River Eachaig, Argyll

    Hi Towysewin I'm looking for something next week from Tuesday-Friday could you PM me the details.
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    How was the scores on the doors flyscotsman was there many fish about?
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    Hi Hardydemon what stretch of the Black Cart did you get your fish?
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    Yair - upper tweed tonight!

    Smashing looking fish well done (y)