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    Six Nations Rugby 2021

    Its the only way to show some England success !! :)
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    Prince Philip Dies

    Like many others, I have always found his "gaffes"/non PC jokes quite amusing. I don't think he ever intended to offend. I am sure there are plenty of modern Woke Warriors who will view it differently. They certainly don't define the man or his many achievements. For those who also find them...
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    TAY RECORD SALMON & Propensity for large fish capture by ladies

    Rumour is its all about cock salmon and female pheremones ..... (We men could never admit ladies are better anglers :) ).
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    Gillie tips

    Here is a previous similar thread, albeit some time ago.
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    What chance do Salmon have

    Nope, just a species with a cute face and lovely big eyes ......
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    Ribble 2021

    Good point on fishing in the gloaming, particularly in streamy water. I have also come across situations where the seatrout switched on before it was properly dark and then off once it went dark - in lowish, clear water. Obviously you need to be even more stealthy and quiet if fishing before...
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    Prince Philip Dies

    It has been interesting to hear about what he has achieved over his life, particularly as he had to create his own role after joining The Firm. In particular the D of E scheme has inspired millions of young people and the WWF has been a very important conservation organisation.
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    Prince Philip Dies

    Balmoral, Abergeldie and Birkhall are all Royal beats, sometimes let out up to July.
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    Prince Philip Dies

    Very sad but not a huge surprise given recent health concerns and his age.
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    Ribble 2021

    My enthusiasm for night fishing has diminished over time. Yes it can be exciting sport on the right night but so much of my pleasure on the river is from the sights - of fish, wildlife, scenery. I love the summer evenings and will sometimes have an hour after dusk (particularly in August when...
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    That sounds pretty scary and painful ! I only had the sore arm - quite sore for 3 or 4 days and even now after almost 3 weeks I can feel the slightest pain if I press the spot hard. Otherwise, nothing really - no flu symptoms, headaches or other pains.
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    Ribble 2021

    Like most rivers, generally the higher up the river you fish the more extra water you want on the Ribble and Hodder for salmon. At the bottom end, you don't need that much extra water. Clear, settled water is definitely best for night sea trouting.
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    What's your favourite TV series of all time or what do you recommend ?

    I'd say a lot less women get Monty Python than men.
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    World's Most Scenic River Journeys

    I set this up on series record last Friday. (y)
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    Lune 2021

    Like most rivers, it definitely looks as though the back end run on the Lune has dramatically reduced. But the Eden is getting a strong spring/early summer run, it doesn't seem that the Lune is ?