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    Guala Green

    15mm flexiweight + cone for Pro Flextube.
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    #4 Ponoi Gold

    First fly of 2021.
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    POLL: Tie of the Month November: ‘A double date’

    A pair of Green Butt Variants: #1 Moose Wing tied on a #8 Sawada Low Water Hook. #2 Plastic tube with a brass conehead and layered wing of Arctic Fox/Finn Tanuki/Pseudo-Monkey.
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    Black tail Bann Special

    Beautiful tying.
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    POLL: Tie of the Month - October 2020: What does your willie look like?

    Hook: Ahrex Esmund Drury Black Treble #12 Thread: 70 Denier UTC Black Ultra Thread Tip: Veevus XS French Oval Gold Tinsel Body: Lagartun Black Silk Floss Rib: Same as Tip Tail: Black,Orange, and Yellow Bucktail (10 strands each) + 2 Strands Pearl...
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    latest tyings

    Quality set. Nice!
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    Red & Gold Shadow shrimp

    Lovely work!
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    Tie of the Month - September 2020: Going round in circles

    Ponoi Nail 1" Copper Tube Tip: Small Oval Gold Tinsel Tail: Yellow Bucktail and Pearl Micro-Krystal Flash Rear Hackle: Yellow Hen Body: Holographic Gold Tinsel Rinb: Medium Oval Gold Tinsel Body Hackle: Orange Saddle Carapace: Golden Pheasant Tippet Feather Dyed Hot Orange Front Hackle: Orange...
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    I gave this fly to a friend who decided to have some fun and apply her talent to a portrait.
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    I tend to savor little victories; a straight underwing one day, build the wing the next. Then I take a shot at mounting the wing properly. It probably took be a week to finish this fly. After a step I tie flies for the Gaspe or Labrador.
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    Several times I thought about quitting and tying a bonesfish fly instead.
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    Ron Reinhold 4/0 Harrison Barleet XLT (Fully Gutted)
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    #6 Humber Green

    A fly for a bright day on the Bonaventure or Flowers.
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    POLL: Tie of the Month - August 2020: Behind every great man...

    #2 Heritage PT: fully gutted for fishing the Grand Cascapedia in 2021.